Salman Rushdie Seems To Be Unpopular With Some People

October 7, 2008

Salman Rushdie Seems To Be Unpopular With Some PeopleWe have recieved a number of comments about our article on Salman Rushdie and his book, Midnight’s Children. We present one of them sent in by JVH Morris:

Thank God, someone with a bit of clout calls this man Rushdie what he is. A pretentious, hollow, snotty, arrogant coward, who has cost the UK so much. Our efforts in protecting him, an unhealable loss of national reputation in defending this snidy, pinched, oversexed celebrity have probably been as costly as throwing our reserves at our crippled, corrupt, unregulated financial sector.

Aren’t we all sick of the loss of lives, police hours, and face in pretending that this cretinous oik has ever been worth protecting, when all he has ever wanted was to preen and radiate his nasty ‘philosopher’s’ ugly face in our cheap glossy magazines?

And to cheapen ourselves even further, we give this man – a KNIGHTHOOD.

My God!