Jonathan Ross And Russell Brand Should Be Allowed To Stay. And Both Given A Raise

October 29, 2008

Jonathan Ross And Russell Brand Should Be Allowed To Stay. And Both Given A Raise(By Thomas Matthew.) I think that Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand, the so-called great comedians, should be allowed to continue presenting their shows on BBC-2 Radio, even after their disgusting prank with calling an old man and leaving offensive messages on his answering machine during a show. And they should be both given a raise. Ross should get another couple of million added to his contract and Brand should be propelled into the top earners league on the BBC by getting a raise of a 1000 per cent. No, 2000 per cent.Why am I saying this? Because these two punks represent what the BBC stands for: vulgarity, obscenity, bad sense of humour, arrogance and total disregard for public opinion. That is why they should be allowed to continue with their nasty routines so that more licence payers would finally realise what sort of company the BBC really is and what sort of people run it.

What would be the point of sacking Ross and Brand if many other deeply unpleasant people would still remain in the BBC, both on the screen, on the radio and in executive offices? It would actually be more sensible to get even more revolting characters to present shows on BBC TV channels and radio stations, who would sink to new depths of depravity. That way even the most tolerant of viewers and listeners would rebel and demand that the Corporation is denied its licence to milk people and produce crap. Because for many years that’s exactly what was happening: the BBC was given a huge budget that was squandered on bad programmes and left-wing propaganda. All in the name of informing and educating the public.

What absolute rubbish! The BBC has stopped informing and educating public ages ago. Even the news coverage has become so blatantly biased that it is sometimes deeply embarrassing to watch the news bulletins. Just take a look at the way the BBC covers the US election campaign. It often seems that BBC correspondents are financed by the Barack Obama election campaign, because they say things that are simply untrue. It will come back to haunt the BBC as more and more people would switch to other TV channels. But at the moment the corporation’s news department in its bias towards Obama seems to resemble an addict, who is prepared to do anything to get his fix: lie, cheat, steal and lie even more.

Even some of the TV networks in America, that have been saying for weeks that Obama had a big lead over John McCain, have now toned down their comments and are saying that the race is not over yet. But not the BBC, that supposedly impartial, publicly financed corporation. It just bangs on and on that Obama is far in the lead and would win on November 4 with a huge majority.

The BBC has already blighted itself with its support for the Labour party throughout the past decade and it has actually accepted this year that it was biased towards the Left in its contents. Just think about it: a publicly funded corporation admitting that it was left-wing? And no one was sacked, no one resigned, no one was even reprimanded.

Imagine what would have happened if the BBC would have announced that it was biased towards the Right? There would have been an uproar the size of the moon. Heads would have rolled, ministers would have resigned, the government might have even fallen.

Nothing of the sort, of course, happened after the admission about left-wing bias came. That was acceptable. That was no big deal.

So as I have said already, what would be the point of sacking Ross and Brand when the whole BBC system would still remain rotten? It would even be misleading, because it would supposedly show that the corporation is actually cleansing itself of some of the disgusting people that inhabit it.

No, let Ross and Brand stay on. And let them be rewarded, and let them host even more shows. Because TV viewers and radio listeners have no one else to blame but themselves. They should have rebelled a long time ago and demanded that a really independent governing body was set up to monitor the contents of BBC programmes and takes disciplinary action against employees, who were seen as politically biased. Biased towards any ideology, be it Left or Right.

I say privatise the BBC. As soon as possible. Most of its TV channels and radio stations would be wiped out within a year or two and commercial stations would have a better chance of surviving. Because the people who run the BBC and many people who work in it have no idea of how to make entertaining programmes. They actually have no idea of how to make any programmes at all. They just have their political agendas and play them out – over and over again.

But until the BBC is privatised let Ross and Brand rule the airwaves on it. The worse it gets now, the better it would be in the long run.

  • martin ellis jones

    A connection between Jonathan Ross and The Grateful Dead-

    A snippet from the song ‘Big Boss Man’ by the Grateful Dead –

    You’re just tall and that’s about all!

    Does that sum it up?