Labour Is Unfit To Run This Country. It Should Go. Now!

November 26, 2008

Labour Is Unfit To Run This Country. It Should Go. Now!So now we know: Gordon Brown’s government is only keen to save itself and safeguard the interests of big banks and retailers. Because that is what the so-called Pre-Budget Report, unveiled on Monday by Chancellor Alistair Darling, is all about. The scale of borrowing announced by Darling (I wish he’d change his name or something!) is astronomical – £120 billion projected only for the next year and £300 earmarked for the next three years – and betrays gross mismanagement of the economy by Labour. For nearly 12 years it has been wasting huge amounts of taxpayers’ money without achieving much and, with the new projected borrowing levels, by 2011 Britain’s national debt would reach £1 trillion pounds. With all the zeros this sum looks like this: £1,000 000 000 000. And now, when recession has started hitting Britain hard, this same Labour government is introducing pathetic measures while totally bankrupting the country.

It was obscene to hear Darling (honestly, you can’t have a Chancellor with a name like that!) tell the House of Commons on Monday that the government was actually taking urgent measures to tackle the crisis and help millions of people. How on earth is it actually helping people? By cutting VAT by 2.5 per cent?

Yeah, sure, that would make all the difference to millions struggling to pay off their mortgages and credit card bills. And tiny increases in state pensions and child benefits and credits would not ease the burden on millions of old people and families with kids. Because with the real rate of inflation is hovering now near 15-20 per cent and these increases would be eaten up before they even reach the recipients.

This government does not reflect the views of the majority of British people. If you think about it, Labour at the moment has the support of about one fourth of the country, or maybe even less. It actually came to power in 1997 when the turn out at the General Election was one of the lowest in history. So once you analyse the figures you’d realise that Tony Blair and his clique had actually had the support of a tiny proportion of the population.

That was the whole secret behind Labour’s so-called electoral ‘success’. It was and still is the party that represents a minority of the population. And that is why it has always been on the defensive,doing everything possible to create an illusion that it knew what it was doing and influencing the results of general elections by all sorts of dubious means: introducing postal voting, rigging opinion polls, politicising the civil service, corrupting the media, using the vast machine of the BBC for party-political purposes, sucking up to the super-rich, juggling statistics, raising funds by dubious methods – the lot. I have lived in a communist state for 17 years and I know how authoritarian ultra left-wing regimes operate. Make no mistake – Labour has always been ultra-left and used Bolshevik methods to stay in power.

The plan to supposedly tackle the recession that was announced two days ago proves that this government is unfit to remain in power. It has to be removed from office before it destroys the country completely. We, at Stirring Trouble, have already suggested a drastic scenario and today we are prepared to repeat it.

This is how we see it: Her Majesty the Queen disbands the government and asks the commanders of the armed forces to take control and introduce a state of emergency in the country. A war cabinet would be created and parliament would be temporarily relieved of its powers and sent on a holiday.

To be honest, it has been on one long holiday since 1997, having allowed the clique that has been running the country to do whatever it wanted. Just think about the way Blair and his people dragged the country into an illegal war in Iraq. Labour MPs siply rubberstamped this outragous decision and the Conservatives backed them. Do you actually believe that the Tories, who voted for the war, did not know that it was one big con? Of course they did, but they did not want to be seen as unpatriotic, the fools.

And if we look at more recent events we would conclude that the House of Commons should not have been allowed to go on its extended summer holiday this year, when it became perfectly clear that a financial meltdown was taking place and that the banks, who had caused all that mess in the first place, were behaving like gangsters and ripping off millions of people to cover up their incompetence and corruption.

And what was with those useless annual party conferences that passed into the oblivion and no one now remembers what had been discussed at them. Blah, blah, blah. Precious time was wasted and nothing was done to tackle the crisis.

But let’s return to our proposed drastic measures. So the Queen disbands the government and asks the military to take over. The generals take control of the country and freeze all financial activity in the City.

Once that’s done, the Bank of England steps in and investigates the situation. But not before the governor and all the other top people in the bank are replaced? Because the current lot is no good. Independent of the government they ain’t. Sleepwalked into a financial crisis, lied to us about the rate of inflation, conspired with the government to bail out banks and allowed to blow billions on supporting the liquidity of the markets. They all should have been sacked ages ago.

So, under our drastic scenario a new, rejuvenated Bank of England moves in and starts to investigate what the banks and all those fancy hedge funds and speculators were actually doing in the last, say, ten years. What sort of liabilities they were hiding from their customers and how come all those liabilities have incurred in the first place. Oh, yes, and how come some of the banks continued to operate whet they could not underwrite people’s savings and their other financial obligations. That is a serious offence, by the way. Operating without having substantial funds to back up these operations. We would love to know, for example, how did Halifax plc and Barclays Bank exist for the last several months when they physically could not have had enough funds at their disposal to support their dealings. So we can assume that they were technically bankrupt. But why then did they still have their banking licenses intact?

Anyway, we suspect that once the military would start to investigate things, arrests would have followed. Because there are people in the City who should be severely punished for what they did to the financial system. And the military authorities won’t be pussyfooting with them. They are tough, unlike the Financial Services Authority that has been obviously created to cover up for the banks and other big financial institutions.

Under our drastic scenario the FSA would be disbanded. It has proved to be totally helpless so under a military rule it would serve no purpose at all.

So, the new look Bank of England investigates the people in the City. And, of course, uncovers corruption on an epic scale. And finds out what the real situation with the finances is while stopping dishonest people creating further mess. Strict regulations of banking activities are introduced; interest rates of all lenders are capped. All activities of credit card companies frozen.

Then the military junta – we at Stirring Trouble are not afraid to use this word ‘junta’ – announces a general election and monitors it very carefully. Under such conditions the Conservatives would probably win comfortably. Not because they know better than Labour how to cope with a crisis but because people are just sick and tired of Blair, Brown and the other grey non-entities, who clung to power for nearly 12 years and did not deliver anything.

Hopefully, the Conservatives would do something to remedy the situation. But if they don’t, the Queen can always summon her military commanders again. And the next time they would run things for a slightly longer period, until the politicians get their act together.