India Is Blaming Pakistan For The Attacks In Mumbai. But Something Is Not Right Here

December 3, 2008

India Is Blaming Pakistan For The Attacks In Mumbai. But Something Is Not Right HereWell, that turned out nicely for the Indian government, didn’t it? The terrorist, Mohammed Amir Kasab (even the name sounds right), the only one of the ten attackers in Mumbai to be captured alive, confessed to his interrogators to being part of a terrorist group that was based in Pakistan’s tribal areas.Where else could he have come from? Kasab said that he was born in the Pakistani village of Faridkot, that he always fancied becoming a terrorist and that he was trained by some people, who looked suspiciously like former Pakistani special forces. He also revealed that the group that attacked Mumbai was planning to take hostages at the railway station, Victoria Terminus, hijack a boat and return to – you’ll never guess – Karachi, expecting to receive a hero’s welcome there, having killed so many people in Mumbai.

Excuse me for being sceptical, but doesn’t all this sound a bit too over the top? Do the Indian intelligence services take everyone in their own country and us, outside observers, for total idiots? Do they actually think that they can say whatever they want, now that they’ve captured one of the attackers, and we will simply buy it?

I’m sorry, but it would take a bit more convincing than producing evidence from a man, who had been walking about the Victoria Terminus, posing left and right for photographers and CCTV cameras as if he were auditioning for a role of a terrorist in some Hollywood blockbuster?

We have already voiced our doubts on this website about the strange nature of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai and the so-called ‘Pakistani connection’ that the Indian government has been talking about from the very first moments of the tragic events unravelling in the city. It all sounded very strange indeed. The fighting was still going on in Mumbai but the Indian Prime Minister went on national television, pointing the finger of blame for the terrorist atrocities at ‘outsiders’, i.e. at Pakistan.
His claims were very quickly supported by other Indian officials and members of the security forces and the police, who seemed to be convinced right from the start that the terrorists could only have come from Pakistan. No chance of them having been homegrown, they were implying. India was not a place where nasty people like that could live.

As the situation was rapidly developing, with the 10 (?) terrorists putting up fierce resistance to hundreds of Indian troops all across the city, the Indian government was producing non-stop leaks that suggested that Pakistan was behind the attacks and that the terrorists penetrated the ‘tight security’ in Mumbai only because they had the backing of the Pakistani intelligence. The fact that the Indian police and army allowed the terrorists to run amok in the city was somehow overlooked. And I am still quite sceptical about that number of terrorists that the Indian authorities have provided us with. Are they actually being serious when they say that ten attackers staged numerous acts of sabotage and mass murder and then held off hundreds of troops? That must be some terrorists, I’ll tell you that.

I suspect, though, that the real reason why the figure ‘10′ has been given is because no one in New Delhi wants to accept that a whole ‘army’ of terrorists marched into Mumbai, under the noses of the ever vigilant Indian forces, and killed people at random. Not to mention the claims that these attackers had arrived from Pakistan, with the blessing of Islamabad

I’m sorry, none of this sounds convincing at all. If we assume for a moment that Pakistan had decided to stage a spectacular attack against India, but keep its involvement in secret, why would it use its own homegrown terrorists? That would be a bit of a giveaway, wouldn’t it? It would have been easier and much safer to get some local Indian fanatics, of whom there are plenty in the country, and encourage them to stage the attacks and take the responsibility for them. Why would Pakistan risk a serious rift with its neighbour, considering that both of them now have nuclear weapons? It would be a bit of a gamble, a bit of risk, wouldn’t it?

So we can only assume that the Indian government is actually quite keen on raising the political temperature in its relations with Pakistan, otherwise it would not have been so quick to accuse Islamabad of backing the terrorists who had attacked Mumbai. India, as we are constantly told, is a democracy, so wouldn’t it have been sensible for a democracy to at least wait till the fighting died down and conduct some sort of an investigation before getting all hostile towards its neighbour? Wasn’t very democratic to accuse Pakistan straight away, was it?

We, at Stirring Trouble, have a suspicion that the Indian government needed some sort of an international crisis to distract attention from the downturn in the country, which is threatening to wipe out the so-called economic boom that we’ve been hearing so much about in recent years. The Indian people would not be pleased to find out that their government had squandered all those wonderful opportunities that have offered themselves during the good economic times and does not really have all that much to show for it now. ‘Where’s all the money gone?’ would be just one of the questions that New Delhi would be forced to answer when the economic meltdown becomes obvious to everyone. And in such a situation a conflict with Pakistan would definitely come in very handy.

But there is another unpleasant side to this whole crisis emerging. And that is the role of the United States that seem to be saying now that they have long ago warned India of a possible terrorist attacks against Mumbai from the sea. Would you believe that? The CIA has a crystal ball in its possession and can predict things. It couldn’t predict 9/11 or the financial meltdown in America, but it sure could foresee things happening thousands of miles away, in Asia. And, as it turns out, the CIA has supposedly warned the Indians that terrorists were plotting to come in by boats to Mumbai and cause havoc and bloodshed there. And these terrorists, according to the crystal ball, could only have come from Pakistan.

The Americans have been openly critical of Islamabad for its refusal to crack down hard on Muslim extremists. As if the Pakistani government could easily go against these fanatics and survive. In a way it was like asking President George Bush to whack all the neo-cons in Washington so that they would stop plotting against the rest of the world. Or ask Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to purge all the former KGB agents from his government. Or ask the rulers of Saudi Arabia to start introducing Christianity in their country.

There are certain things that certain governments in certain countries simply can’t deliver. And sorting out Muslim extremists in Pakistan is one such thing that Islamabad simply can’t do.

But does it concern Washington? Of course it doesn’t. So the United States have probably decided that stirring up a bit more tension between India and Pakistan would help to force Islamabad to take some drastic action against the terrorists. Especially as in the face of a potential war looming with India Pakistan would expect Washington to help it out. And the Indian government would be only too pleased to see Pakistan stand accused of encouraging and supporting fanatics who cross the border and kill innocent people in India.

The only hope is that the Indian people would see through all those tricks and tell their government to get real. Or get out.