Why Do Women Choose The Wrong Men Most Of The Time?

August 20, 2009

Anton Goryunov writes from Moscow: I’ve always been puzzled by one thing: why is it that women choose the worst possible men to go out with? I don’t mean husbands, whom they tend to select more carefully, but boyfriends and lovers who they go out with when they’re young. How could it happen that seemingly sensible women actually fall for the worst possible creeps and ignore the decent guys?

I remember during my high school years – in the last century, alas – I could never really grasp the mating patters of women. All the nasty characters would always get their girl, as they say, and the nice guys would be ignored and even ridiculed.

Let me tell you a real story from my past. A guy I knew, whose name was Nikita, really, really fancied a girl by the name of Natasha. And when I say fancied, I mean it in a good, proper way. He would take her out to the cinema or a cafe and buy her flowers and sometimes even stand outside her window and just sigh.

He was a good guy, Nikita. Very open, very straightforward, very decent. But Natasha not just took him for granted: she basically despised him for being besotted by her. And then one day she met this creep, Anton, whom I knew as a serial womaniser and real piece of shit. And guess what happened? She went to bed with him on their first date and lost her virginity. How did I know? Because Anton, you see, liked to brag about his conquests. And the word quickly spread around that he ‘popped another virgin’.

And Nikita was absolutely devastated. Because although he went out with Natasha, he always behaved like a decent guy and didn’t try to mount her at the first possible opportunity, like that prick Anton did.

Throughout the years I have been witnessing these things happening all the time: good blokes were tossed aside like rag dolls in favour of some smooth talking creeps and lowlifes. Because make no mistake – creeps are always smooth. They know their drill very well. It is the good guys who often look clumsy and do not really smooth talk girls into going to bed with them. They are decent people, who do not tell lies all the time and do not nreally know the art of seduction. Because seduction, so that you know, is an animal instinct. It has got nothing to do with decency or honour or openness. It’s an obsessive instinct to mate and good guys just aren’t good at it.

And another thing I have noticed: women had a tendency to fall for men with a criminal background. You know, the ones who could blow a grand in a restaurant and who had that ‘I don’t give a shit about anything’ attitude. These scumbags seemed to draw women like honey attracts bees. And I am talking about nice girls, from nice families. I’m not talking about some cheap sluts who are in it for the money.

Now you may ask: how do I know about this? I mean about women falling for criminals? It so happened that I knew a lot of criminals in my life. Big criminals, medium sized criminals and small time con-artists. The Soviet society was a very criminalised society. The black market was enormous in those days, because the state could not provide the people with even the basic necessities and many goods were bought on the black market. So there they were, black market dealers, fartsovshiki, sitting in restaurants all day, drinking Armenian brandy and eating caviar. And doing their deals all the time. And with them sat their women – from nice families – who seemed to enjoy the whole exciting atmosphere of actually being close to people, who lived life dangerously. It was amazing to see all that. Simply amazing.

And you know why I found it amazing? Because criminals are the lowest of lowlifes. They are the scum of the earth. And they don’t really live their lives dangerously. They are shitting themselves every day, terrified of being set up by their own people, frightened of being whacked by competitors or horrified at the thought that the cops might knock on their door one day and arrest them.

It is only in Hollywood films that criminals behave like some superheroes, who are tough, charismatic and are not afraid of anything. They are presented like some men of honour, who abide by the rules and even have their own set of principles.

It is not like that in real life at all. Criminals become criminals because they are lowlifes. Because they can’t do anything else. Because they are not bright enough to get a job. Because they often can’t even read and write properly.

So that is why I am always so amazed when I see women going out with thugs. They don’t marry them, of course, they just go out with them in the hope that these men, who supposedly live their lives dangerously, would turn out to be the greatest lovers in the world.
Well, no, they are not. Because lowlifes, you see, can’t really master two things: they can never learn to drive properly and they can never be good lovers. Because, strangely enough, it takes brains to drive well and be good in bed. Don’t ask me why. As we say in Russia, it’s something you can’t really grasp. It is something that you should simply remember.

But back to women making bad choices when picking boyfriends. There is a very sinister side to this whole thing that many women don’t know about. The point is that women, who tend to fall for lowlifes, also tend to have quite a few sexual partners before they settle down. And that means that they – how can I put it? – accumulate a lot of bad energy in their system. And this bad energy does not just disappear. It contains genetic codes that go back centuries, passed from one generation to another. And this bad energy is quite aggressive and it leaves its imprint for years. And these different bad energies clash with each other, sometimes with the most devastating results for the carriers. And strange illnesses occur later and doctors can’t even explain what caused them.

In my later years I began to understand that women are much more demanding and adventurous in their sexual activity than men. Like moths they fly towards the bright light, burn their wings, but can’t stop themselves from flying towards another light. They probably can’t do anything about it because they attach much more importance to intimacy than men do.

And some of them pay a high price for that in the end.

– End –