Why The BMW 3 Series Coupe Is Hot Property

August 31, 2009

Why The BMW 3 Series Coupe Is Hot PropertyAlex Nekrassov writes: You might as well know it: I am the proud owner of a BMW 330i coupe, black colour, slightly tinted windows. I am the dude. I rule the roads. It looks sleek, it is fast and it is everything that you ever want to have in a car.The main difference between a BMW and most other cars is that when you climb inside the Bavarian-built vehicle you feel as one with the car. Beside the fact that the 3 series coupe, complemented by the Motorsport body kit upgrade (a highly recommended addition, giving the car a much more dynamic and sporty looking body) BMW has prided itself on building its cars with the driver very much at the forefront of all its considerations.

The 330i coupe in particular combines all the strides in technology you would expect from a premium cruiser, but the engine is a marvel to behold. Not only is the six cylinder, three-litre engine the lightest in the world, it delivers just the right sort of punch which justifies buying one to drive around town. If you can resist the temptation of punching the throttle, the car is a great cruiser, which, on a combined cycle, can give you a fuel consumption ratio of around 22 mpg. Given the car is packing the best part of 270 horses under its bonnet, it is a generous petrol conservation.

Aesthetically, the car exudes class, while maintaining a conservative enough appearance to make it appeal to budding young executives and their management alike. The M sport body kit, which, as I mentioned already, is a recommended extra, stiffens the suspension, gives the car a more aerodynamic appearance by adding a front spoiler with darkened mesh, side skirts and a subtle rear apron.

Inside, the car is more bulky, offering better grip and providing a better all round feel of control when handling and wraps the instruments with a silver outline, making the dials stand out more. A small change, but it all adds up to make the package all the more better. The headlight stands out particular, whether it is the parking light, dual rings, that give it a lunar eclipse-type effect, or the xenon bulb that they wrap, giving the car an even more aggressive front look.

Depending on an owner’s preference, and as with most premium car brands, the vehicle comes with a number of equipment level options, which includes everything from leather to satellite navigation, DVD players to SOS buttons linking you to the emergency services. But no matter what equipment level you go for, the unmistakable feeling of that you are sitting in a BMW remains. As BMW like to point out, when you climb in, you’re sitting in the driver’s seat, rather than merely on it. This is once again testament to BMW’s commitment to understanding the driver’s needs above all else; the driving position is first class.

And there we have it; while it’s not cheap the BMW 3 series coupe is the best car you can buy in the £26-35,000 price range. In fact, you would be forgiven for feeling slightly embarrassed with the amount of car you actually get for your money. The reality is that such an accomplished vehicle could easily get away with being put in the £40,000 plus price range – it is that good.

So, hats off to BMW. But by creating the most desirable coupe in its class, the task of bettering it will be a daunting task. But if anyone can do it, BMW can, and most likely will.

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  • Mark Mattern

    So you love your BMW.

    I have a beauty, a 205 BMW 3 series, 33Ci Coupe 2D with only 31,000 miles on her.

    Sad thing is, we are not able to keep her due to the economy and our present situation. If any readers would like her, I will let her go for $20,000. Please contact me as I need to put her in good hands soon!