Former Drug Users Should Not Be Allowed To Be In Power. Period

September 16, 2009

People, Who Have Used Drugs In The Past, Should Not Be Allowed To Be In Power. Period Ben Delicious writes from Amsterdam: Here’s a tough one for you: should former drug addicts or people who claim to have ‘experimented with drugs’ in the past be allowed to hold elected office? The reason I ask this is because so many politicians in the past decade or so having been confessing to have taken drugs in their younger years. And it’s always their ‘younger years’ that they’re talking about when they supposedly ‘experimented’ with dope – never the older years.

First of all, let us make it clear that there’s no such thing as ‘experimenting with drugs’. You either take them or you don’t. It’s as simple as that, and only Bill Clinton has managed to come up with that weird formula of his when he supposedly smoked dope – but didn’t inhale. And, secondly, don’t fall for that rubbish that many people have experimented with drugs in their youth. I remember in my student years we treated drug users in our midst as weirdoes and nutters, who had ‘crossed the line’ and should be avoided at all cost. So don’t think that the majority of people have ‘experimented’ with dope at high school or colege. It’s a bit like saying that most people tend to experiment with paedophilia or bestiality.

Drug users have always been in a minority. But they are a very vocal minority, with a lot of friends in high places and in the entertainment industry, who help them champion their cause.

Anyway, people, who have used drugs, are technically able to commit any hideous crime and stoop to any depravity. So they should never be allowed to hold positions of power. Otherwise there’ll be even more weird decisions taken by governments and crazy laws passed by legislators than we are already wintnessing.

Allowing anyone, who’s been a drug addict in the past, to occupy a government position is similar to appointing a total lunatic to run a nuclear facility or an explosive depot. It amounts to total madness.

I remember when several members of Tony Blair’s cabinet had announced, proudly, that they had smoked cannabis in the past, and I thought then that they should all resign immediately, or be sacked. But they all kept their posts and even were treated as heroes by the loonies in the media.

By the way, did I tell you a funny story that had happened on the day the six ministers confessed to being drug addicts in the past?

I was doing an interview on BBC24 with the lovely Emily Maitlis and before we went on air she asked me what I wanted to say. The interview was about Russia. And as it was just announced that the six cabinet members in Britain had confessed to being drug addicts in the past, I jokingly said that I would like to announce that I smoked cannabis while I was an advisor to the Kremlin. Emily roared with laughter and could not stop until the cameras started rolling. She understood the irony of the situation at once.

Anyway, as I was saying, any politician, who is found out to have been using drugs, should be relieved of his duties immediately. He or she could easily find a job in banking, or in the legal profession, or in broadcasting where it is an accepted norm. But they should not be politicians. No way!

I have seen drug addicts, including former ones, and I know how mad they can be. They can actually look quite normal at times, but once they get angry or agitated it all comes out again. The danger is, of course, that their sense of judgement very often fails them and they start to think that they are right in everything they do. They slip into paranoia easily and very often become obsessed with implementing the stupidest of things that they believe would be great for everyone, like allowing youngsters to have sex at the youngest age possible or giving children access to pornography. This last one was adopted by the Liberal Democrats, who probably can boast having half of their members ‘experimenting with drugs’ as their official policy.

The whole problem with drug users, both current and former, is that they are capable of doing things that no other person would ever dare to do. They can get their lives sorted, to a certain extent, but the beast within them can always ‘wake up’ and push them to some extreme. They are always ready to ‘cross the line’, at any time and in different ways.

This is why, by the way, we have such a mess around the world at the moment, as many people in positions of power, especially in the West, have been taking drugs in the past. Or maybe even continue to take them now. That is why we see such havoc and mayhem everywhere.  The current political leaders seem to have no sense of shame or guilt and they always demonstrate a firm belief that every decision they take is always right. And they show total indifference to other people’s suffering. That is why we see those military conflicts erupting all over the place and idiotic measures introduced.

And in Britain, for example, we are witnessing the government waging a war against its own people. Otherwise how can you explain that in a debt ridden country restrictions on gambling are relaxed and loan sharking is allowed to continue on a grand scale? If that is not war then I do not know what is. And how about wasting taxpayers’ money on bailing out banks instead if helping out millions of house owners, industry and small businesses? How do you call that if not a war against your own people?

Sometimes when I look around I have a feeling that the whole world has gone mad. But then I remember that many of the current political rulers used dope in the past and I realise the cause of all our problems.

Make no mistake; the current economic turmoil in the world is the result of crazy policies, instituted by people with unstable minds. They will be swept away in the next couple of years simply because during a severe economic downturn these people are incapable of occupying positions of power. It does seem that a safety mechanism exists in nature that disposes of the ‘excess baggage’ when the time comes.

– End –