Bill And Warren Want To Give All Their Money Away. Something’s Not Right Here

August 11, 2010

R.F.Wilson writes: Have you heard the good news? Bill Gates teamed up with Warren Buffet to give away all their money to charity. 99 per cent of it, to be exact. Considering that they are both in the top five of the richest men in the world, we’re talking serious megabucks here.

But that’s not all. The two men want to convince as many people as possible from the top 400 list of the richest, well, people to follow their example and share their enormous wealth with others. Both Gates and Buffet actually call all these guys and ask them to make a commitment to fund good causes. Supposedly around 40 billionaires have pledged to give away half of their fortunes, at least, while others said they need to think about it or that they have no desire to participate in this project.

Now I don’t know about you, but when I hear that some of the wealthiest people in the world want to dispose of their hard earned fortunes I have my doubts. Yes, that’s the sort of man I am: suspicious, inconsiderate when it comes to rich people’s feelings, prone to conspiracy theories and generally sceptical and cynical about the great big world we live in. Oh yes, and I never trust people who are obscenely rich. In fact, when I hear that they have been getting together, I immediately suspect them of plotting against everyone else.

Now you may say: hey, Rupert, what the hell’s wrong with you? Why can’t you accept that seriously loaded individuals may care about others? And I’d say to this: folks who amass vast fortunes don’t usually have any feelings. Otherwise they wouldn’t have had all that wealth in the first place. That’s how big money is made, you see. It sticks to people who have a certain – how can I put it? – a certain attitude that keeps them going.

Take this fantastic scheme about sharing personal wealth with the rest of the world: it just can’t be as straightforward as it looks, now can it? Big boys always have strings attached to their generosity. That’s how they are, it’s in their blood. And in this case I bet you they are going to ask Big Brother to lend them a hand and throw in a few a trillion so that things move more swiftly. And, I’m pretty sure, that the big boys would insist that they distribute all that money themselves and tell governments what to do. And that would eventually make them even more powerful than they are now. It’s going to be a bit like building the Tower of Babel all over again, with Bill and Warren and a couple of dozen other people calling all the shots and playing gods.

Donating billions, people, is big business in itself. And it is bound to be propped up by a lot of taxpayers, mark my words. And in the end it’s the little people who’d foot the bill if things don’t work out. As it always happens in these cases.

– End –