Pissing Off The People Behind The Relief Effort In Haiti. And In Pakistan As Well

August 26, 2010

R.F.Wilson writes: Well wouldn’t you know it: there are over 800 international relief agencies operating in Haiti, working their fingers to the bone to overcome the devastating effects of the earthquake that had hit the island in January of this year. These fine men and women are backed by thousands of US troops that have been sent in to see to it that the locals don’t interfere with the relief effort. Like, for example, grabbing some food or bottled water, in a chaotic, disorderly fashion, and running off with it without allowing the hacks to photograph the heartwarming scenes of aid being distributed among the needy.

As for money that has been donated to fund the relief effort, it now amounts to many hundreds of millions, and growing. The United Nations is involved, the World Bank, the International Red Cross, Oxfam and many other good Samaritans.

So why all the impressive stats, you may be wondering. What’s the big deal, you may ask, in the international community getting together to help the poor Haitians get over one of the worst natural disasters in recent history? Well, the point is, ladies and gents, that this massive effort has not yet really produced any dramatic results and hasn’t benefited the 1.5 victims of the earthquake who have lost their homes and are living in tent camps, like the one you see on the image that accompanies this piece. Yep, despite all the money and all that impressive foreign presence there’s nothing really to write home about, as they say.

Now why would that be? I suppose the first thing that comes to mind is that the money was either stolen before it even reached the island, or was misused once it got there. Or maybe a large chunk of it was spent on all those foreign relief workers, to help them settle in and get used to the local harsh environment. Not to mention setting aside a bundle to pay for the first anniversary of the earthquake next January when a lot of very important people would be coming to sample some great wines and food and congratulate themselves on a job well done. Bill Clinton will be there and Ban Ki Moon and some other VIPs and you know how they like a bit of rugged luxury.

The worst thing for the victims of the earthquake is that the world media that had made such a big fuss last January about the disaster is no longer interested. It’s got other things on its mind, like the floods in Pakistan that have displaced millions of people. Showing dramatic footage from Pakistan is much more exciting than checking on some pathetic relief effort in Haiti. Not to mention that celebs are now associating themselves with Pakistan a lot, to score maximum points and get that publicity train of theirs really rolling. Pakistan is hot now and Haiti is not, from the hacks’ point of view. So f..k Haiti and its victims. Shit happens, as they say.

And guess what’s the funniest thing of all in this, in a tragic sort of sense that is: exactly the same fate awaits the relief effort in Pakistan as the one in Haiti: private banks accounts of certain individuals will swell and the victims will be living in camps for years to come. Natural disasters are big business, you see. So the only way to spoil the fun for the people who prosper from them is to piss them off a bit, like we did here. Not much more can be done though.

– End –