If You Were God Who Would You Give A Lot Of Money To?

January 2, 2011

If You Were God Would You Give A Lot Of Money To Good People? I Doubt It Very MuchThomas Mathew writes from London: Let me ask you this: if you were God, what sort of people would You as Almighty give substantial wealth to? And we’re talking mega bucks here, obscene sort of wealth.

Would You as God give huge fortunes to good, decent people? I doubt it, I very much doubt it. By giving a lot of money to good people You’d be putting them under serious pressure. You’d be forcing them to become suspicious of their friends and family and of everyone else around them. You would even risk turning them into deeply unpleasant characters who’d treat themselves very seriously and ignore the needs of others. Because that’s what big money does to people – it turns them into self-centred arrogant pricks.

And I stress again: we’re talking about massive wealth here, obscene amounts of money that are usually made without too much effort. Because it’s all about bending the rules here and there, pushing your competitors out, going behind the backs if your partners, betraying people and not paying taxes in full.

And considering all that why would You as God tempt good people with giving them too much money? What would be the point of that? Especially as You as God would be saying at the same time that worshiping wealth is not a good thing and that it would be easier for a camel to get through a needle’s head than for a rich man to enter Your Kingdom.

That would already imply in itself that You as God would be avoiding giving too much money to your loyal followers whom you consider to be good people. You wouldn’t want them to go through all the temptations and turn nasty, now would you?

You know how they say in that old joke: if you want to find out what God thinks about seriously wealthy people, just have a closer look at them and you’ll know.

Says it all, really. Especially as now we’ve found out how so many of the big bankers have made an absolute fortune by swindling millions of people out of their savings and investments and how they still demand to be rescued by governments.

I bet if You were God, You’d allow these sorts of people to make a lot of money, just to show to all the rest how nasty they could become if they’d had that sort of wealth.

Think about it when you have a moment.

– End –

  • Tony Winters

    Reference Greed in Financial Services & being negligent in looking after our Savings.
    Anyone who has been involved in mortgage lending and has allowed home owners to borrow more than Four times their combined salary should Resign immediately.

    From local Councillors & County Councillors to MP’s and Euro MP’s – If they have claimed more than £20,000 per year in EXPENSES, they should not be allowed to seek re-election.

  • Gren-Hilda

    Amen! Thanks for making me grateful to be Poor!