On Women Trying Hard To Impress. Total Strangers

February 16, 2011

Adam Lovejoy writes from Amsterdam: Women, let me ask you this: why is it that so many of you are trying so hard to impress total strangers? How come you make an effort to look your best when you are in public, but not when you are at home with your hubby?

I bet you’re wondering what I’m on about and where it’s all leading. Let me explain myself: I’ve heard rumblings of a debate that is raging among the sisterhood about the age when women become ‘too old’ to wear mini-skirts. Some of the sisters are saying that early twenties would probably be the right age to quit wearing minis and get into a more conservative groove. But others say that there’s no age limit and women can wear mini-skirts for as long as they feel like it. Some even go as far as saying that 60-year-olds can show off their thighs in public without fear of ridicule.

So here’s my question: why wear a mini-skirt at all, and especially in mature age? What is the point of this demeaning fashion statement? Are you, ladies, fans of skimpy dresses, trying to emit some sort of a mating signal or do you consider yourself to be part of the ‘meat market’, if you pardon the strong lingo here, to be observed by hot blooded males and rated on the scale of shagability?

Let me be blunt: men tend to treat women, who show off too much of their bodies in public, as ‘easy’. And it gets worse: women, who go out with their husbands or partners, showing off too much of a leg or cleavage, are viewed as potential prey by irresponsible males, because if a woman is happy in her relationship why should she be tempting other men with her thighs or her cleavage? And why would she put on too much make-up on and look like a Barbie doll outside the confounds of her bedroom? What would be the point of such a frank demonstration of femininity that would be best suited for intimate occasions with regular partners. (This word ‘partner’ does sound strange, doesn’t it? Makes you think of intimacy as a business venture.)

But what about young lovely teenage girls, you may ask, who are not in a relationship? Why should they not wear the shortest skirts possible? And I would have an answer for you on this one as well: why should young girls tempt hordes of young and not so young men with their lovely legs and thighs? What would be the point of parading half naked at a tender age of, say, sixteen in front of total strangers? Are these girls part of some circus act that is organised for the male population?

The point I’m making here is this: mini-skirts and revealing clothes generally demean women of all ages. These risqué garments are better left for strictly intimate occasions, to tempt men who demonstrate some sort of commitment. It’s best to ignore celebrities, who make all those dramatic exits and entrances, wearing revealing dresses, because in their world they live for the paparazzi and the newspapers and magazines. They need the attention to remind everyone that they exist. They make their living like that. But why should normal, I would even say perfectly sane women, especially ones who have husbands or boyfriend or partners, demean themselves to such an extent as to entertain perfect strangers with their naked flesh? What would be the point of that?

Oh yes, some would say, but is it not a joy to see beautiful women in revealing dresses? I wouldn’t know what joy that would be, to be perfectly frank with you. Especially if I would be escorting a half naked woman somewhere myself. What would it say about me: that I can’t satisfy my lover and that’s why she shows off her assets in the hope of finding somebody else who can? Now that suspicion wouldn’t be complimentary to me, now would it?

So I say: women, liberate yourselves, get rid of those mini-skirts or wear them for your men in private. Start wearing clothes that compliment you as people and not as sex objects. You might actually be surprised to find out that your regular escorts, if I could use such a loose expression here, would respect you more for it.

– End –