Politicians Say War In Libya Is About Saving Civilians. What Sort Of Rubbish Is That?

March 30, 2011

Ted Obvious writes from London: Pardon me for asking, but can you imagine Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy spending sleepless nights, worrying about the plight of ‘innocent civilians’ in Libya, dying in a civil war? No? Me neither. But that is what they keep telling to their respective nations and the world generally, when they explain why they pushed through the idea of enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya that quickly turned into a war.

Mr Cameron nowadays resembles Tony Blair in 2003, when he was banging on about his concern for the people of Iraq and beyond, the lying son of a bitch. In fact, PM Cameron has even started to resemble TB in appearance, when he gets into his ‘I care for the Libyan people’ act.

Sure you do, Dave, sure you do. Just like you friend Nicolas does. But work on those shifty eyes of yours. A dead giveaway usually.

When politicians start caring for the suffering of people in distant lands, it always means that things at home are not going well. In fact, in case of Britain and France it actually means that their respective economies are going down the toilet. No one in his right mind would believe that the current coalition in Britain has any idea what to do about the recession that has been upgraded to a ‘sluggish recovery’ on the strength of some dodgy stats. And with Chancellor Gorge Osborne’s crazy scheme to cut public spending to the bone, that could have only been suggested to him by the people he banks with, the prospects for the future look very gloomy.

As for Mr Sarkozy and his economic wizardry, well, I think you only need to look at his popularity ratings to realise that things are not great in the Republic. If the French President needed to get himself involved in a dangerous military conflict abroad, that means that he and his government are desperate. Especially with those pesky presidential election looming on the horizon.

Say what you will about German Chancellor Angela Merkel, but she quickly figured out what Dave and Nicolas were up to. Her economy is doing much better than theirs, in fact she still has an economy, while Starsky and Hutch preside over a mess, and she doesn’t need to ‘unite the nation behind a just war.’ Not to mention that it’s hard to imagine Ms Merkel telling her fellow countrymen that she spends sleepless night, worrying about the plight of Libyan civilians. I suspect she’ll be told to take a hike in no time if she does that. It’s only in Britain and France that these things seem to still work on some people, although if the media in both countries was less biased about the war I suspect the percentages of people opposing it would have been in the 70s or even 80s levels.

It was remarkable to see how a very dodgy resolution on the Libyan no-fly zone, compiled to suit any scenario possible, was steamrolled through the UN Security Council. Let’s face it, introducing the term ‘using all means’ to protect civilians was a bit of an overstretch. Especially when a lot of these civilians are armed. Not to mention that many of Gaddafi’s supporters could actually be classified as civilians as well – so how about not killing them?

But the most amazing thing of all is that both Dave and Nick accept that they have no idea really who the so-called rebels in Libya are and what it is that they really want. They resemble that rag-tag army of highway robbers from the film Mad Max II, firing into the air and driving around in battered cars. Even the Americans are now telling us that they have evidence of Al Qaeda and Hamas fighters presence among the anti-Gaddafi forces. Now that would be a scream, wouldn’t it, if these terrorists would be armed by the West and then, like it happened in Afghanistan, turn their weapons against their masters.

No sane politicians would start a war during a recession. There would always be some nasty agenda behind any military adventure abroad that begins when the economy is struggling to stay afloat. The Libyan war was intended as a distraction and the longer it lasts the more it would suit the people who have started it.

– End –