More Pearls Of Wisdom And Witty Observations. From The Boys At Stirring Trouble

May 20, 2011

Today we present more pearls of wisdom and witty observations. From the boys at Stirring Trouble.

The coverage of the Queen’s visit to Ireland resembled the coverage of the Soviet leaders visiting Eastern Europe. Few people turned up, security was extra tight and hacks produced appalling bullshit.

With this whole Strauss-Kahn affair everyone seems to be forgetting how nasty and corrupt the IMF is. It’s has caused enormous damage to the developing world.

All you bankers who have robbed millions: just you watch how Strauss-Kahn goes down. You’re next, you punks.

Amazing to see Prince William and his wife, Catherine, not putting a foot right. Could it be that they are simply thick and have no idea what their position entails?

Yes, Pippa Middleton, English rose she ain’t. More of an English weed, I’d say.

You know what the problem with our times is? Bad corruption, You give politicians money in brown envelopes to do things for you and they take it and do nothing. That’s bad corruption.

With his preposterous political correctness Prime Minister David Cameron will go down in history as just another Tony Blair: vain, incompetent and basically totally irrelevant.

Home Secretary Theresa ‘I have never been laid properly’ May got a hostile reception at a police conference. Should step down really.

The ruffians who sit in British parliament should never have been allowed into politics. The make a mockery out of the parliamentary democracy.

In Libya the West has betrayed its true intentions of invading countries to grab their natural resources. It’s done so blatantly that payback will be swift and devastating.

Soon all pubs in London will be turned into wine bars with music blasting and women laughing like hyenas. Sad really.

Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child with his housekeeper. Like all actors he’s a f..king peasant.

David Cameron has managed to get every policy wrong in his first year. Compliments of his advisors, failed PR men and mediocre hacks.

I remember once asking an African leader what was the main obstacle on the way of proper economic development of his country. The IMF he said.

You know why there is interest around the world in Britain? Because of its monarchy. Once it goes, Britain will be treated as another Belgium.

British pop radio is condemned to die. Idiots DJs talking bollocks and plugging crappy bands in the biggest payola scam imaginable.

All you bankers who have robbed millions: just you watch how Strauss-Kahn goes down. You’re next, you punks.

Liberalism has discredited itself back in the 19th century as an extreme form of atheism offering nothing but loony politics and bloodshed.

By all standards David Cameron has f..ked up his first year in office. A disaster of left-wing proportions.

What a disgusting films Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call. Blatant promotion of drug use by Nicolas Cage who wears a stupid looking wig.

The legal profession in Britain must be the most corrupt in the world. That’s why London has been chosen as the world’s financial centre.

Every time I hear that a Russian billionaire buys a business in the West I know it’ll end in tears. Ruthless lot with no morals. Made their fortunes by dubious means.

In New York they’ve at least occasionally put highfliers from Wall Street behind bars. Nothing like that happens in London.

The biggest con the music industry pulled off was to pretend that pop was ‘rebellious’. In reality it was part of the establishment, distracting the young from things that mattered.

Behind naturalist David Attenborough’s homely appearance hides a badly educated vain man who has no idea about the difference between the kingdoms of animals and humans.

How come comedians don’t mock political correctness that deserves to be laughed at? I suppose they are too politically correct to do that.

In his great book Bleak House Charles Dickens ridiculed modern day luvies who wanted to save the hungry in Africa while ignoring the destitute on their doorstep.

– End –