Juicy News From Gossipy Paris: President Sarkozy’s Ex Wife Is On The War Path

June 21, 2011

Chris Gray writes from Paris: Juicy news reaches Stirring Trouble from the gossippy parts of Paris: Nicolas Sarkozy’s ex wife, Cecilia Attias, is supposedly planning to hit the war path and release a novel based on her life with him, first as his mistress when he was mayor of Neuilly-sur-Siene and then his wife, throughout his less than glorious career in government, before dumping him unceremoniously soon after his election as President. Tongues are wagging about a possible war breaking out between Cecilia and her former hubby, who is bracing himself for a rough ride in the presidential election in May next year. The last thing Mr Sarkozy needs is a book that would reveal his intimate secrets and some of the things he gets up to when he’s not busy listening to recordings of his officials praising his policies and general wisdom.

Questions and more questions are being asked at cafés, bars and restaurants in Paris whether the voluptuous Mrs Attias, who is now married to a global events organiser Richard Attias, will reveal all the juicy bits about her life with Sarko, including his serious addiction to playing air guitars and late night karaoke singing sessions, choosing some pretty weird tracks by metal and hard-rock bands of the past. And then she can obviously touch upon his paranoia about his height and his struggle to add those precious inches to you-know-what, by stretching it every morning. There is also a possibility that more light would be finally thrown on a tasty rumour about Mr Sarkozy descending from a family of werewolves in Hungary and occasionally howling at the Moon before disappearing into the night.

But the most damaging revelations are expected to come from Mrs Attias’s book about President Sarkozy’s chronic womanising that most short men like him indulge in to prove that they are up to it and have a perfectly functional manhood, even despite its modest size. Mr Sarkozy’s likeliness to a goblin may be another subject that Mrs Attias might choose to touch upon, and that would not go down well with the French leader who has a very high opinion of his rugged good looks.

People, who claim to know Mr Sarkozy and his ex wife well, say that even though their divorce was far from amicable, with Cecilia basically making her husband look like an idiot who couldn’t even control his wife, the couple had buried their differences for a while, all thanks to Carla Bruni’s cunning interference. But with the prospects of the explosive book emerging, a new rift is expected to develop, turning into a full-blown war.

The feeling is that President Sarkozy would have to stop the novel getting published before the election, to avoid any humiliation and a possible disaster at the polls. Experts on this sort of matters say that one way of achieving it is for several brown envelopes to change hands, like it happened so often during Mr Sarkozy’s election campaign in 2007.

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