It’s Time To Boycott Chinese Made Junk. If Only To Piss Beijing Off

July 17, 2011

Made in China Anton Goryunov writes from Moscow: I’m really fed up with all the Chinese made junk that’s sold everywhere in Russia – and beyond it. Every time I buy something, I know that somewhere there’s a small label on it saying ‘Made in China’. And how I rejoice – on very rare occasions – if it turns out that it was made someplace else.

Oh, he’s full of hatred, I can hear some people out there saying. He’s denying the Chinese people the right to earn their living, disgraceful!

Well, sue me, you politically correct creeps! Why should I care what you think? I’m tired of being forced to buy junk so that some clever retailer can make a quick buck and some Chinese worker can earn his 000,5 cents, sitting in some crappy factory for 18 hours. I pay my own money and I can demand quality. I’m not a charity that has to support 1.4 billion people in China.

If I buy a shirt, shoes, a mobile phone or some household appliance, I want them to be made properly and work well. I don’t want them to last a day or two and then keep them so as not to upset the Chinese working masses and their communist masters. I’m sorry, but I don’t give a damn about the Chinese proletariat. Just like the Chinese proletariat doesn’t care about me and millions of other people.

Let’s be honest about it: this whole ‘Chinese economic miracle’ is one big con. We were taken for a ride by the big companies and retailers who had realised that they can cut their costs to the bone by having their goods made in China. No one cared that China was a communist dictatorship that pretended to embrace the free market. What free market would that be? It’s one big concentration camp that uses slave labour. There are about six or seven big cities in China that are used as showcases of capitalism, to fool the world into thinking that the economic boom in the country is benefitting a lot of Chinese. In reality the rest of the country is one big poverty trap where running water and electricity are a luxury.

How can you expect Chinese workers who live in such conditions to produce anything decent? It simply doesn’t work like that. Slave labour has nothing to do with quality. Period.

Chinese officials, of course, are telling everyone that they have state of the art industries producing top quality goods. For some reason this rubbishy propaganda is being accepted throughout the world, as if it has anything to do with the real state of things. It has not. Chinese products cannot compete in quality with any of the goods produced in the developed nations. If a garment is made in Italy or France or Britain or the US it has the word ‘quality’ written over it. But Chinese goods are always badly made. It’s a fact of life. There’s nothing you can do about it. Slaves don’t produce decent shoes or shirts or even toys.

And now that we’ve entered a recession, which was to a large extent caused by overproduction of cheap Chinese goods that undermined proper companies across the world, we’re being told that the poor Chinese people will be losing their jobs is we stop buying their crap. They say that about 100 million Chinese might end up unemployed by the end of this year. There’s even talk about possible instability in China and civil unrest in the countryside.

I’m sorry to sound unemotional, but why should we, the consumers, care about that? We didn’t ask our retailers to flood us with low quality junk. And we sure didn’t tell the Communist Party bosses in Beijing to make their industry totally dependent on the outside markets.

I laugh when I hear how some Chinese officials say that their great Middle Kingdom will re-direct the economy towards domestic consumption. Yes, sure, the poverty stricken Chinese will start buying up all that crap that no one else wants to buy.

The simple truth is that the Chinese economy in its present form has had it. It is finished. It has no future. And the so-called ‘vast financial reserves’ of China are a joke too, if you consider that the egg heads in Beijing found nothing more exciting than to buy up American government’s IOUs to the tune of $1.8 trillion. The Chinese rulers can now use them as toilet paper. They will be useless for the next 20 years at least.

And there’s another downside to the obsession with Chinese made goods: everyone is talking about the danger that China might pose to the whole world when it finally becomes a military superpower. Make no mistake, the Chinese communist rulers are drooling at the thought of their mighty armies marching down the streets of New Delhi, Moscow and Paris. And yet, the very same countries that should be careful about feeding the Chinese Tiger are pumping billions into its economy to make a quick buck.

What the hell is wrong with you, people? Have you forgotten how you nourished Hitler before he turned on you? Or has your greed made you both blind and stupid?

The Chinese people would have to sort out their crisis themselves. And we, the consumers, should boycott Chinese made junk. If only to piss off the communist leaders in Beijing.

– End –

  • keith schipiour

    now sony has joined the world of distributing chinese made crap . $ 60.00 for a playstation 3 controller that worked for three days. What are people to do i live in the U S Which has already has sold it’s people out. Too many stupid people that just accept things. Time for a revolution of some Kind

  • Annie

    When a consumer buys Chinese goods they are supporting their military. Say no to Chinese goods!

  • Gill

    I cannot believe so few people are aware of where the goods they are buying are made. I visited Boots today to buy a hairdryer, because I was returning the one I bought yesterday in Argos, because it was made in China. The assistant checked the base of the boxes and then observed that they were all made in China, he couldn’t believe his company bought so much from there. No matter what the product, be it designer clothes, electricals, etc ,etc, all made in China. No wonder we are in such a financial mess when all the money from our retail purchases are flowing East by the billions and most of us are responsible for it. Please wake up and start thinking about whose pocket you are lining, because when someone close to you is made redundant, perhaps it is you who is responsible.

  • samuel welsh

    end chinnese market expanision now

  • samuel welsh

    china speaks from its ass

  • Annie

    Well I can totally sympathise with this comment – I´m sick of purchasing rubbish made in China – last but not least because of the environmental impact. Tack shipped around the world to Europe – we are told that it is of high quality – well that is a laugh. We are then having to replace these products when they swiftly breakdown – filling up landfills etc. Only to purchase the same tack again. Just to rub salt into the wounds – European workers rights are being undercut by Chinese Factories, European skills are being eroded (no work no skills) etc. And lest we forget once we are hooked – dependent on Chinese products – we then have to accept their terms or risk a potential withdrawal of goods/resources. Now this might not matter when it comes to T-shirts – or designer labels made by Chinese sweatshops in ooops Italy! But it sure does matter when it comes to computer equipment, cars (have you noticed the number of recalls recently), medical, communications systems, military equipment etc. This is a dangerous game our governments and international companies are playing – and at the moment everyone appears to be sleeping whilst the dragon is busy building up its powerbase.

  • James T O’Sullivan

    I object to buying anything made in China because I am deeply troubled by the simple question; Who are they? To me outsourcing production to China smacks of the sort of capers you would expect from Del Trotter, not Britains leading retailers. Of course a quick buck has been made, (hardly justification in my opinion) but surely the costs of such actions are self evident to all who have bothered to consider them even fleetingly.
    And what are the ambitions of the current administration… National secrecy on an unimaginable scale has persisted well into the 21st century and whilst I wouldn’t expect the Chinese to ‘open their books’ to the West, I don’t feel that the Chinese make at all ethical trading partners.
    I feel a strong sense of closing an empty stable door in saying this but we in the UK have enjoyed lording it over much of the world in terms of quality of life to the detriment of the British economy’s ability to be genuinely competitive. So much so that I would say even the Intellectual Property in Britain (perhaps our only truly viable international currency left) is now dependent on means of production based overseas in fundamentally untrustworthy regimes. And all for a flat screen TV in every badly decorated council house living room up and down the land eh?

  • Rebecca Graves

    They must think we’re really, really stupid. This is what I think when I see a paper thin t-shirt priced at $50.00, or even $30.00, made in China. I ask myself what is this garment really worth? Maybe a few bucks at best.

    I go to Mall of America (and it is really big, by the way), and there’s nothing there made in the USA. Oh, a pair of $270.00 jeans, but I’m not that desperate yet. Shoot me if I ever am.

    There was a movie once about a guy who could put on glasses and could see the world for what it was, invaded by aliens, I think it was. Stupid movie. Anyway, sometimes I think that I have those glasses on now, and I can’t go back. We are infested with Chinese crap, and it is making us bleed.

  • Carl

    Right on people’

  • Carl

    I am 40 hrs old. In the early 1990′s I said to myself that China one day will rise if we keep buying so much from them. Now, China is acting All important and selfish. We (USA) made them like that. Now, USA is worried and are acting more on this issue. But, nevertheless USA will Always kickass with our mighty military.

  • Johnny Enn

    I couldn’t agree more with everything that has been said.

    When i see ‘Made in China’ it = ‘Piece of junk’

    We know items made there won’t last very long, but the majority of people don’t see this. It’s such a throw-away World, and people are so bored, they just want to shop, shop, shop. They don’t want to pay for quality – they are just blinded into thinking things are so cheap – but not why they are (having said that, depending on what shop you go to, things aren’t always cheaper) Try buying something (non-food) that isn’t made in China in Marks & Spencers. They are not a cheap shop, and love to go on about their quality – yet practictally all the clothes/household goods are made in China?

    It’s not purely about the poor-quality:
    1.Human rights abuses (5 people a day executed on average) How many just didn’t agree with the dictators?
    2.The oppression of Tibet
    3.Taiwan (How annoying that China insisted on referring to them as ‘Chinese Taipei’ at the Beijing olympics)
    4.Tigers & Rhinos being wiped out to satisy the odd Chinese medicine market.
    5.Stories of cat & dog skins being sold at their markets.

    The Western world pumps all that money into a country like that?

    I do go out of my way to avoid Chinese made goods, but sometimes it’s almost impossible. It would be great if there were lists of alternatives on the internet.

    It’s such a pleasant surprise to see goods made in England, France, USA, Switzerland etc. Basically anywhere but China.

    And of the worrying things is the speed at which this has happened. I got into DIY 10-12 years ago, and practically all the tools I have from then have made in England/Great Britain on them. Try finding that now. It’s not easy.

    How many jobs have been lost in our respective countries, where factories have been closed, and production moved to China?

    It annoys me how they do it so sneakily. I used to buy TM Lewin shirts in the late 90s, early 2000s, and they clearly had ‘Made in England’ on them. Then that mysteriously disappeared. I e-mailed them to ask where they were made – if not England.

    They eventually (after initially stating ‘Far East’) admitted it was China. Needless to say I won’t ever buy another one.

    Why can’t these companies be honest?

    A number of years ago, I believed a bargain was a bargain (and often it was)

    These days – if it’s cheap – there’s a good reason for it. Probably made in China.

  • Kathy Handyside

    I agree wholeheartedly with everything in this article! I’m tired of paying good money for toxic, dangerous, and poorly-made Chinese junk! I look at the prices on these products and it never ceases to amaze me. No matter what price you pay for something made in China, it’s way too much. Athletic shoes are a good example. It probably costs the company a couple of bucks in wages per pair of shoes; then they are shipped over here and the price is marked up a couple of thousand percent! I’m fed up with it! And China does not play fair, trade-wise. They manipulate their currency in their favor, they slap big trade tariffs on goods coming into China – and America is stupid enough to only charge China a miniscule percent in tariffs for China to dump their toxic crap on us. Our politicians sit back and let this happen because they then get big campaign donations from our corporations who have invested so heavily in China. Can’t anyone see the irony of the situation? America spent billions of dollars over decades “fighting communism”, only to turn around and let itself be owned by a communist country, just so our greedy corporations can make some quick bucks. Let’s end this globalization crap now! The only people who benefit from globalization are the CEOs and major stockholders of the corporations. And, as I said, our politicians, who get big campaign donations from the corporations. If I had been president when GM needed money, I’d have said, “Okay – we’ll help you out. But before you get one red cent from us, you will close all your plants in China and Mexico and bring those jobs back to America. Then, and only the, will we help you get back on your feet.” That’s what President Obama SHOULD have done, if he’d had any guts.

  • Tarik

    I find it amazing you complain about China’s military spending when the USA accounts for half the world’s military budget. Unlike the US, China never finds excuses to invade a new country every few years. Unlike the US, China never uses gunboat diplomacy to bully other countries into accepting their demands. The Chinese economy KEEPS the US economy healthy, do you get that? America’s entire economy is based on playing middlemen by charging outrageous “value added” to REAL Chinese goods. That and moving imaginary money around in the financial market. Without China providing the PRODUCTION of everyday goods, your economy would suffer endless inflation and collapse underneath the weight of its own imaginary money supply. I’ve no doubt your CEOs are greedy pieces of shit that want to extract maximum profit. They’re already are making billions playing middlemen. You want companies to stop offshoring? Take it up with your leaders. It has nothing to do with China.

    Im done talking about this. Grow up guys!

  • Kathy Handyside

    I agree wholeheartedly! I’m sick and tired of paying my hard-earned money for Chinese-made crap! I remember when the corporations were trying to sell us on the idea of globalization; they all said, “We can save so much in labor costs – and then we can pass those savings on to you consumers and everyone wins!” Well, please tell me where the savings is in a pair of athletic shoes that the corporation paid some Chinese slave-laborer a dollar to make but then the shoes come back to the U.S. with a price tag of $75 or more?? This globalization is the biggest con ever run on the working-class of ALL countries! The ONLY ones who benefit are the greedy CEOs and their equally greedy major stockholders (and of course, the U.S. politicians who get big campaign donations from said corporations, CEOs, and major stockholders). Somehow all of us need to rise up and demand an end to Chinese-made crap!