If You Think About It, Science Sucks

August 22, 2011

Scientists at work Ted Obvious writes from London: Some things get me wondering sometimes. How come, I ask myself, we can send a spaceship to Mars and yet, we can’t correctly predict the weather for the next day or find a cure for a common cold?

We always hear that we live in a high-tech world where everything is push-button, remote controlled and very, very sophisticated. But we are still driving cars that are powered by engines that had been invented more than 100 years ago. (I especially like this example of science failing us miserably.) We can build state of the art weaponry and create ‘smart bombs’ that can fly through an open window into a building and whack everyone inside, but we still can’t figure out how to produce energy without messing up the  environment.

Let’s be brutally honest: science sucks! It’s too busy creating staff we don’t really need and it proves absolutely helpless when it comes to the really important things. Who on earth needs all these thousands of gadgets like fancy mobiles with millions of functions in them to satisfy the egos of some dimwits and annoy everyone around? One of the most useless technological achievements in the world of gadgetry was installing a loudspeaker into a mobile phone, so that idiots could annoy others, playing crappy tracks they download from the web. The quality of sound, resembling a noise coming from an empty beer can, is supposed to symbolise years of research and innovation. Yes, it must have took some of the best brains to come up with this crap.

And what is the big deal with all those huge flat televisions, with their 3D high-definition pictures, when there’s absolutely nothing to watch on the box? It’s a wasted effort by inventors. Crappy shows look exactly the same in high-definition or low-definition or no definition, big or small screen, 3D or no 3D. You can’t improve the content by developing the quality of the signal. If some mediocrity screams in some Cringe-Factor singing contest, it actually makes sense to make the sound less clear and save everyone the bother of hearing non-singing.

Questions, disturbing question arise when you think about how hopelessly confused science is. Consider this for a moment: in our high-tech world with our fancy pharmaceutical industry we have thousands of absolutely useless medicines produced that make very little difference when it comes to curing serious illnesses. Why? Because, first of all, we still can’t learn to diagnose illnesses properly and are even lagging behind the ancient Greeks and Egyptians in that field and, secondly, the medicines we have are symptom suppressors and not problem solvers. All this talk about people living longer misses one point: you can become a zombie and live till you’re 100, but who wants to live like a vegetable for 20 or more years?

And here’s another example for you of science not really delivering much: how come if we have so many eggs-heads, supposedly coming up with brilliant solutions all the time, we nevertheless sleep-walked into this climate change thing that is threatening to destroy us all? Where were all the scientists before and why didn’t they develop clean technologies ages ago, instead of realising only now that we are all going to perish in a new great flood? And how about that great big con with energy saving light bulbs? We were told by scientists that they are more efficient, safe and perform better then the old light bulbs. But what do we find out now? We find out that the new energy saving light bulbs are even more dangerous for the environment than the old ones, cost much more and are not that great to use. For this scam alone the green mafia and the scientists invvolved should be prosecuted and sent to the slammer.

It does look odd when some nerdy looking smart arse tells us to switch off the lights and eat less meat to cut O2 emissions when this pales into insignificance compared to the damage that millions of cars with their internal combustion engines – yes, the ones that were invented more than 100 years ago and are still going strong – do to the environment? Not to mention the power stations running on coal. Why should we be held responsible just because our scientists stuck to inventing rubbish instead of concentrating on the important things?

Modern science sucks because the people involved in it get their priorities all wrong. They are into inventing silly gadget, like that Dyson guy with his endless range of vacuum cleaners, that make money quickly for their producers. They have forgetten that science needs to look at the bigger picture and invent things that really matter, the stupid bastards.

– End –

  • Annie

    It would be fantastic if science could invent a hand-held radar to zero in on creeps like Hitler and Bin Laden by just punching their names into the device and it would light up red when close to the creep then the device could zap them. There would be no need to kill so many innocent people.
    Hitler isn’t a problem anymore but just think of all the people who would have survived that ghastly era if there was a device like this. Awesome.

  • Francesca

    Science is a way of studying the world as the most objective way one can. Engineering creates gadgets. Fancy cell phones and flat screen TVs make tons of money. That means lots of money to invest in R&D to make more fancy gadgets.

    Useful science is difficult and underfunded. People will pay thousands for a flat screen, but won’t send tax money to work on cold (cough) research.

    Clean technology isn’t funded because too many people make too much money off of dirty technology. This is why some amount of regulation is necessary.

    Anyway, my point is that science is not the problem. Science & engineering has given us AIDS medications, vaccines, water filtration systems, safer cars, washing machines, etc. The free economy just chooses to send engineers towards fun things instead.

  • charlie

    just can’t believe you actually think men have flown to Mars let alone the Moon…actually count me out of the Mars discussion…we definitnitely have NOT been to the MOON doesn’t your questioning answer it all anyway… thanks for helping me to continue to nurse my unfavourable views

  • charlie

    don’t worry everyone am sure we will receive our jetpacks very soon!

  • Eddy

    Yep, it sucks. As a European specialist with many years of experience and 9 years of higher education, I am now unemployable because I cant get grants with the number of publications I have (basically shitty contracts with periods of unemployment in between). Now, with 1 month of training, I can teach english and earn the same amount of money, AND have a wage increase each year AND have more security.

    If you want to do science, do it as a hobby…. it’s not a career.