President Obama’s Long Lost Uncle An Illegal Immigrant? What’s So Funny About That?

August 31, 2011

Ted Obvious writes from Edinburgh: Now let me get this straight: there are actually people out there who think that it’s funny that President Barack Obama’s long lost uncle, Onyango Obama, got arrested recently for drink-driving, turning out to be an illegal immigrant with an outstanding warrant for his arrest and deportation. What’s so funny about that? Illegal immigrants get arrested for drink-driving in America every day, no big deal in that, is there?

And what’s the big deal about Mr OO – I’ll call him Mr OO for convenience, not to confuse things – telling the cops that he was going to call the White House to arrange his bail? Where else would you expect him to call, the Pentagon or the FBI? If your name is Obama, you obviously call the White House if something goes wrong. And I see nothing funny in Mr OO telling off the cops for bad driving and nearly colliding with him. Cops in America are notorious for their clumsy driving. They should have paid attention when the car that Uncle Onyango was driving lost control for a while.

What the hell is wrong with this world? So what if Mr OO had lived in the US for 40 years as an illegal immigrant? Loads of people do that. It’s a free country, for God’s sake! And what’s the big deal with him getting arrested for drink-driving? First of all, it’s yet not officially proven that he was under the influence. And, secondly, his lawyer has already filed an appeal for him to fight his deportation. So that’s alright then.

And you know what else these cynics, who like to make fun out of everything, are finding hilarious as well? That it was not long ago that President Obama’s aunt, Zeituni Obama, was arrested for living in America illegally, but won the right to stay in the country. Where’s the joke in that?

It’s really disgraceful how some people choose perfectly innocent subjects and make a big song and dance about them, making jokes and poking fun at things that should be left alone. Although I have to say that most American mainstream comedians have ignored the incident with Uncle Obyango completely. Just like they didn’t pay any attention to what happened with Aunt Zeituni, especially considering that she won her right to stay in the country fair and square – just like it will happen with Uncle Obyango.

Comedy has to be about important things that concern most people, like that bird Sarah Palin talking bollocks or Michelle Bachmann or George Bush coming up with hilarious statements. That’s what people want to hear from their comedians, you see. Folks out there want to laugh at things that really matter, not hear about some silly incidents with relatives of the current President, getting arrested for drink-driving and turning out to be illegal immigrants.

Honestly, next thing you know some cynics would start poking fun at Mr Obama himself, blaming him for all the mess in the country. As if he’s not doing a grand job.