America Is Bound To Start A War With China. Sooner Rather Than Later

September 1, 2011

America Should Start A War With China. Before It Is Too Late Adam Lovejoy writes from London: You know what I think? I think the war between America and China is inevitable. And it might happen sooner rather then later, as it’s fashionable to predict events nowadays, but it’s bound to happen. Otherwise, China will become too powerful and start biting off chunks of neighbouring countries, gradually establishing its domination throughout Asia and far beyond, and we would all be forced to learn Mandarin – or face execution.

Let’s look at the issue with brutal honesty. If you ask any Western politician, or any politician for that matter, what he or she thinks of China, they would produce the usual drivel about the booming economy, unprecedented industrial growth, huge potential and so on. Blah-blah-blah. But if you ask them what will happen in about 30 or 40 years, they’ll say that China would probably dominate the world by then, including militarily. And some might even confess that they have a bad feeling that China may become very aggressive and very adventurous in the very near future. And they’ll probably be right, considering that the commies are boosting their military arsenal like there’s no tomorrow.

Russia is good example of how China exercises its quiet expansion policy. Millions of Chinese have already settled in Russia, in the Far East and East Siberia, and many locals from these parts will tell you how uncomfortable they feel, seeing these closely knit Chinese communities, very secretive and very resourceful when it comes to doing business and pushing aside competitors. The man in the street in Russia will tell you that China is gradually building up its ‘fifth column’ and that war with China is inevitable in the next couple of decades because of territorial disputes.

The feeling amongst ordinary Russians is that China simply has to grab more land in the next 10 or 20 years, in order to accommodate its huge population.

Next important point: China is a ruthless communist dictatorship, with a corrupt and opportunistic leadership that survives only because the Chinese people are generally hard working, disciplined and obedient. They will listen to their leaders as long as they can provide them with minimal comforts and an opportunity to make a modest living. In the past 30 years the Chinese leaders have been able to do this, simply because the world economy was growing and demand for cheap goods was extremely high.

The unscrupulous bankers in the West didn’t give a damn where to invest, as long as it brought them huge profits, so they pumped billions into the Chinese economy, without even thinking that they were funding a vile communist regime, based on oppression and widespread slave labour. Western bankers have been ignoring the plain simple fact that the Chinese regime was diverting large chunks of profits from the industry into bolstering its mighty army, which some day may start marching across borders in all directions.

Money men generally have no understanding of how things work in the real world. These are mostly ignorant people, with limited intelligence and often very modest education, who view life only through the prism of foreign exchange rates and rates of interest and returns. There is nothing more to them.

Should I continue, or are you frightened already? OK, I’ll continue. Apart from the obvious military threat, the Chinese national idea has an aggressive undertone. The Chinese generally are very nationalistic and patriotic and consider their country to be the centre of the world, and even the universe. They view other nations as pawns in the great game of creating the mighty Chinese superpower that will rule the world. China even calls itself the Middle Kingdom, meaning that it is the empire between the sun and the rest of the irrelevant world. Communist regimes tend to promote a feeling of national superiority and doggedly nurture it. Inflaming misguided patriotism has always been part of any communist spin, and Chinese communist leaders are no different.

Another factor that makes China very dangerous is its current economic problems that are getting worse by the day. On the face of it, China’s economy is still strong, but in reality it is staring into the abyss, having been for so many years totally dependent on producing very cheap and low quality goods for the hungry Western markets. The West no longer wants all that junk. All the talk by Chinese leaders of redirecting their economy to the domestic consumer is obviously rubbish. No sane person in China will ever buy goods that he knows were badly made for export purposes.

So we all agree that China poses a danger. And we might as well agree that the US is the only country that can start a war with China – and win it. Especially as it owes China trillions of dollars that it would never be able to repay.

So this is what America would proabably do: he should tell the Chinese leadership that the American government is defaulting on its financial obligations to China and will not honour its IOUs. China will start going into economic meltdown, threatening to attack Taiwan, Japan or South Korea. This will be the trigger for all of these countries to ask for American help and the US would duly oblige, attacking China and destroying most of its military instillations. The People’s Liberation Army – an ironic name for armed forces, by the way, which have been oppressing their own people for 60 years – will rebel against the communist regime and China will start to disintegrate. We’ll probably see the emrgence of two or three Chinas – and that will forever remove the threat of one great big communist China attacking anyone in the future, because these new three countries will be bickering between each other, fighting for supremacy.

A that would be a perfect scenario for the rest of the world.

– End –

  • benjamin

    Are u talking about the end of the world?

  • benjamin

    War is a fire , When it is set out, it is not easy for you to control it .
    In fact ,U.S. never get hurt from the WWI and WWII, so the WWIII must come from U.S. ,Because U.S. LOVE WAR.

  • nathan

    Watch nascar much? How about Jerry Springer! War with China isn’t like war with Iraq. They can actually fight back!

  • deytj

    I noticed a typos. Should be “American”, rather than “Chinese”.

    “The Chinese generally are very nationalistic and patriotic and consider their country to be the centre of the world, and even the universe.”

    Here “America is a corporatocracy that started more wars over the last 60 years than any other country. They even manage to turn GB into an Airstrip1.

  • Henry C

    not an totally outrageous idea, I am Chinese and suprisingly I agreed with many of the points you raised. Is there a quick and clean way to do this without a lot of innocent Chinese people getting killed?

  • Cullen

    A very optimistic suggestion on how to contend with this emerging threat, however from the way our Western governments are behaving, they are either still in denial or more likely resigned to this happening, dose anything our governments do make any real realistic sense to anybody? What they do dose make clear sense if there is no future for us!
    The UK under the diligently corrupt, compulsive lying and fiscally inept Labour government has bankrupted this nation and the situation in the USA and Europe is just as bad and we are tangled up in a war in Afghanistan, which is and has spread to it’s neighbours’ (Pakistan (and eventually Jammu-Kashmir, Iran)); most of our oil upon which our society depends comes from the Middle East and if this conflict merges with the problems in Iran (Iran is now supplying the Taliban), what is there to protect our oil fields in Iraq from war now that the US are pulling their troops out?
    History repeats itself over and over again, Empires rise and fall and we are sitting on a rollercoaster that is over the edge, once it go too far over, it has passed the point of no return (even if the breaks are slammed on as hard as it can), gravity and the natural course of things will pull the rollercoaster down.
    So is there any real point in starting a war with China? Defaulting on all the debts would defiantly provoke China, but why would it attack Japan and Taiwan when it’s air force and navy can simply supply all the weapons to the Middle East and then using their naval bases in Sri Lanka, Pakistan and other places in the Indian Ocean, choke off our oil supplies and then smugly issue us with their demands and International law!

  • Americant

    So you want mushrooms popping up in USA and China?

  • Americant

    btw, the ‘far east” region you refer to belonged to China.

  • johnny

    Stupid Americant, you really think that we will rebel against our own government? CPC has flaws indeed, and no government is absolutely perfect. Get your fact straight. Most people living in China are happy about the improvements/reforms made by communist party, as they kept improving themselves. I studied in America for 3 years and now I live in another country. I have American friends as well as Chinese friend, as all my family are in China. But if a war breaks out between China and US, I have fully support of China. You actually want both of the countries to be destroyed? Then start a war with us and we will make sure the war reaches your pathetic country.

    In Afghanistan you are losing ground, and you pulled your pathetic forces out of Iraq. Your army cannot even defeat the islamists with only AK47 and RPG and your government hide the death toll. Talk all the crap you want because you can only enjoy it now. You want to know why China/Middle Kingdom is always an empire and never fell apart for 5000 years? Because we never invade others first hand for whatever reasons. If America wants to lead the world, it need to stay peaceful and never hate other growing countries/Potential superpowers.

    O and thank you America for let me learn your language to use it against you. We are trying to stay as peaceful as possible. O and Taiwan, Tibet and Xinjiang are parts of China. I have family in Taiwan as well. I hope America dissolve into 51 different countries peacefully to never become threat of China.

    Talking about crimes…America killed 100 Millions of native indians, owned african slaves, etc. Your high school history book talks about it so that’s nothing new to you right? Look at yourself in the mirror before you judge others.

  • Messy

    Please take this idea seriously, its not a dillusional thought! I vowed to never buy made in China products ever again. ALL of their exports are 100% garbage. Electronics break and other items are poisonous. They are already preparing for war by infultrating our networks and stealing classified information. We need to be careful with the planning on how to handle China, cant be impulsive and careless, they are just as powerful if not more powerful on the military department. The US has dated technology and Obama is cutting funds needed to develop more sofisticated systems that could compete with China’s technilogically advanced weaponry. Seriously, I love everyone on this planet but when you see a major silent threat, you have to be on your toes and if it comes down to it, we need to stop being so politically correct about these issues and deal with them by force, considering diplomacy doesn’t work. It just buys other countries time to sneak and hide their plans to develop massive destructive weaponry( iran, korea), so what are we waiting for? Join me in not buying anything made in China. They are our enemy and we are spending our hard earned money on their stuff that breaks all the time. Check the ‘made in’ lables, please. Thats a noviolent approach to solving this problem. Thanks for reading this guys.