War In Libya Voted Best Reality TV Show Ever By Viewers In Britain

September 1, 2011

Ben Delicious writes from London: News coverage of the war in Libya has been voted best reality show on the box ever – by fans of reality TV. In a poll conducted randomly by Stirring Trouble, nearly 70 per cent of people said they loved the way TV news correspondents reported about all the shootings and bombings and killings, from both sides of the conflict, mixing with the rebels in the desert and with Colonel Gaddafi’s people.

About 60 per cent of the respondents admitted that they have a very vague idea where Libya is and what all the fuss is about, saying that they like the mystery surrounding the whole crisis and the gun totting men, driving around in battered cars, Mad Max 2, The Road Warrior style, assuming threatening positions and shooting into the air a lot. Lilly from Bradford pointed out that it’s really amazing to be able to see a totally different culture every day, where people are denied the right to watch television a lot, drive on the wrong side of the road and kill each other when they feel like.

Half of the people polled said that they enjoy guessing which of the rebels are actually disguised French and British special forces, operating on the ground in Libya and mixing with the opposition forces. More than 15 per cent said they would like to have a competition introduced called ‘Spot the spy’, so that they could dial a number and say which of the rebels shown in news reports were spies – receiving prizes if they turn out to be correct. One woman said that she spotted at least 5 CIA agents giving interviews to hacks in some gibberish language and it made her proud to think that she could have won a lot of money if there was a competition running.

Two thirds of the respondents also said that that the news coverage would have been even more exciting if reporters have had love affairs going between themselves and people they interview. They also said that it would have been fun if there was a competition called Spot Muammar Gaddafi, with the tyrant appearing disguised as different people, both male and female, and even as animals and kids. Bobby from Newcastle said that he spotted Gaddafi a couple of times, disguised as a kid, and tried to call authorities to alert them to the presence of the Mad Dog in the news report without anyone knowing about it.

One fourth of the people polled said that they would prefer if some of the coverage of the war in Libya was filmed in Hollywood, like it was done in Iraq and is still widely practiced in Afghanistan, to give the reports a more realistic and exciting feel. John from Durham said the graphics and the props are not bad as they are, but they could look much better if some footage was added made in professional studios, using actors and extras.

Willy from Glasgow said that it would be great if Gaddafi’s supporters and opponents were wearing different fatigues, including bright coloured armbands or scarves, so that it would be possible to distinguish between them and figure out which side was losing or wining.

And overwhelming number of viewers, 87 per cent, said the really enjoy the coverage of the war in Libya and are hoping that it would run for at least three or four series. 92 per cent said that they would definitely buy the PC game No Fly Zone Over Libya, when it comes out later in September.

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