Making A Few Points About Women’s Fashion. That Chicks Won’t Like To Hear

September 14, 2011

Ben Delicious writes from Paris: It’s time to call a spade a spade, people, and say a few words about women’s fashion that women won’t like very much. In fact, they’ll probably go apeshit and accuse me of infringing on their rights and all that other rubbish that feminists – broads with creaky vaginas that have not seen any sexual activity for decades – like to drag out into the open when they don’t like something.

Anyway, today’s women’s fashion makes a lot of them look like sluts. Yep, that’s how many of you, girls, look when you put on those super tight low-cut jeans, with your underwear sticking out, or those leggings that look like stockings. Couple that with a skimpy blouse that lets your boobs say, ‘Hello, great big world!’, with bra straps showing, and you can qualify for a sex worker, as hookers are now called by the sisterhood and considerate males, who want to be seen as contributing to women’s lib, the slimy horny bastards.

And, then of course, there are the mini-skirts that party loving chicks of all ages wear on Friday and Saturday nights, going on the pull in city centres, showing of their femininity, towering on them eight inch heels, to make their legs look longer and the flabby bits above less obvious . That is basically saying: take me here and now. That’s got nothing to do with fashion. Mini-skirts were invented by an ugly looking broad who never got laid properly in her life. So she thought that it might be a good idea to make life hell for all the pretty looking sisters, because once they put on her mini-skirts they started to resemble trashy chicks on the pull.

Mini-skirts demean women, if you want to know the sad truth, and if a broad is showing off her thighs in public, men tend to view her as available for some adventurous intercourse. Yes, that is how it works, ladies.

The most worrying thing about women’s fashion is that girls of 14 and even younger are now copying their stupid mummies, who seem to think that even when they go over 40 it’s still a good idea to go around half naked, proving that they still have it in them. That’s the pits, ladies, the rock bottom. You can’t allow your young daughters to look like hookers and then act surprised when you find out that they are sleeping around at a very tender age. Think about it when you next wear something ‘provocative’ or buy it for your kids, you silly cows.

Women’s designers go for all that risqué stuff simple because they have no new ideas. Most of them are hopeless when it comes to making women’s clothes, not least because a lot of them don’t understand what women want for all sorts of reasons, and the only way they can get noticed by the fashion industry is to come up with outfits that would be called ‘controversial’ and ‘brave’ and ‘out of this world’, making chicks who wear them look like idiots at best or like sluts at worst.

In Sodom and Gomorrah before their spectacular demise women were going around showing their naked breasts and a lot of leg and thigh. Sex in public places in those days was mighty popular, with orgies breaking out spontaneously, and rape was happening with frightening consistency. And it all ended in tears, as you all know. And it might end in tears now as well, if things keep going the way they are going.

– End –