Is Syria Next On The West’s Hit List? To Cover Up The Mess At Home

September 29, 2011

Ted Obvious writes from Damascus: But of course the Syrian regime is guilty of brutally suppressing anti-government protests. What else did you expect from President Bashar al-Assad and his cronies? But is it a reason to send NATO to impose a no-fly zone over it, to save innocent civilians, as some hotheads in the west are now talking about? No would be the answer, if you aren’t keen on setting the Middle East ablaze and yes, if you want a bit of a juicy regional war, to keep your own people distracted from the mess back at home, while the economy is falling apart and bankers continue to steal or gambling away money like there’s no tomorrow.

Just think about it: why did bankrupt Britain get involved in a costly military operation in Libya? And why did France with its 40 per cent inflation and the most unpopular President in history jump on board, sending its jets to bomb the Libyans. And why would Italy that was and still is close to defaulting on its debts, with a Prime Minister facing charges of paedophilia, among others, get all tough and aggressive in its stand against Gaddafi? Western political rulers are obviously taking their people for mugs, dragging their countries into military adventures that they can’t afford.

And it will get worse, with Syria emerging as the next target on the hit list of these opportunists, who are gambling with the future of their respective nations, just because they have to cover up their gross incompetence in running things at home. I mean, how pathetic do you need to be to start calling on your people to celebrate the triumph of democracy in Libya, torn apart by civil war and bombed by NATO, like PM David Cameron is doing at the moment when he has an economic crisis at home that threatens to bring own the country? On the Richter scale of desperation that has to be a good solid ‘10’. Luckily for Mr Cameron the British press has turned into a propaganda tool of the government, with a little help from the banker boys, so the feeling is promoted that the country is basking in happiness at the thought of the people of Libya finally getting a taste of freedom, whatever that means.

Anyway, as events in Syria unravel, with the army cracking down on the anti-government protesters, like you would expect from any self-respecting dictatorship – just look how the Saudis have dealt with their protests, tanks and all – Western leaders are playing games instead of actually trying to resolve the situation. Threats of sanctions are made, and we all know now how it ends with sanctions, having the example of Libya in front of us. And now that the mechanism of pushing accommodating resolutions through the UN Security Councils has been mastered, with good old Ban Ki Moon ready to help in any way he can, a no fly zone can pop up above a country even before you can say ‘protecting innocent civilians’.

And then why not hit Yemen, where President Abdullah Saleh is refusing to step down from power, having used his troops against his own people. Not forgetting that the mad mullahs are not exactly letting their people bask in democracy and freedom and it would not take much to see the pro-democracy demos flaring up again. Anyone fancies a pop at Iran, people? And why not if could liven up those news bulletins that are struggling to find something to report about outside the sinking national economies.

It seems at times that political rulers in the West have decided to start a creeping Third World War, in a giant PC game format, to cover up the mess in their economies that they are unable to sort out for the simple reason that the current corrupt and incompetent banking system is refusing to go and is desperate to write off the huge losses and toxic debts that it has accumulated since the last bail-out.

It would be good to have a glance at the minutes of the last meeting of the secret world government. I can just imagine the section under ‘miscellaneous’: ‘And finally, we think that it would be a good idea to start a limited WW3, say in the Middle East or Africa, to resolve the issue of bad debts and losses that the banks are currently burdened with. Let’s ask Messr Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy to take appropriate measures.’ Or something to that extent.

Weird world we live in. Politicians take us for suckers, believing that what they see on the box is actually what is happening for real. Even though the box is showing what they have themselves ordered.

– End –