If You Look Like An Eccentric You’d Better Say Something Original As Well

October 16, 2011

Adam Lovejoy writes from London: If you dress and behave like an eccentric – you know, wear odd looking clothes and do things that go beyond the accepted norm – then you’d better have something original to say, to back up your eccentricity, otherwise you’ll just look like a f..king idiot who’s desperate to attract attention by any means, failing to have any brain power to do it.

You must know those ‘exotic’ types: they dress in a bizarre way, have weird hairstyles, pierce their ugly mugs, cover themselves with tattoos, get pissed or stoned and swear a lot – while pretending that it’s part of their unique nature and a rich and colourful life that they supposedly lead. But most of the time these very same ‘exotic’ characters fail to say or do anything of any interest or relevance to actually prove that they’re unconventional as they claim to be. And so the whole point of all those stupid looking cloths and that strange behaviour loses its meaning. It’s just idiocy for the sake of getting noticed.

And that is the main problem with all these exotic types: they have nothing to say or show of any substance – nothing at all. And that’s why they look so stupid when they try to come across as eccentric and unconventional. As in, I get stoned because I’m deep and complicated.

Sure you are, you dopehead.

The thing is that idiots should know their place, because most of them are idiots by choice. Nobody forced them to skip school and stay glued to the box for days on end, watching trash. They might have at least bothered to learn to read and write properly, instead of hanging out with other degenerates, getting drunk on cheap booze and copulating with other idiots. So there is no point for them to complain that they are some sort of victims of social injustice and that society has turned its back on them.

Society is like that, you know. It turns its back on degenerates when it feels that there’s not a glimmer of a hope of changing them.

Most of pop culture is like that, by the way. A lot of meaningless stunts and gimmicks, a lot of silly clothes, bizarre meaningless goings on and endless bulls..t, but never any substance, no originality, no nothing. Boring birds and blokes of all ages, peddling crap to the world, failing to come up with anything even slightly original. If you want to actually experience this sort of absurdity pop down to the Frieze Art Fair in London that is on as you read this and you will see for yourself what sort of ‘art’ idiocy can produce. Or buy a record by Lady Gaga or some other pop superstar and you’ll get the feel of this stupidity showing through every bloody note and meaningless lyrics. (That broad Gaga even put on a dress made out of raw meat to get noticed, the ugly talentless c..nt!)

So if you’re thinking of becoming controversial and exotic, read a book or something. To show for it.