How Dave Tricked The Queen Into Supporting His Constitutional Reforms

October 29, 2011

Thomas Mathew writes from London: Well, it had to happen… The republicans in the British government and in parliament have pulled off another disgraceful stunt, appealing to the mob that never knows what’s good for it. Yes, I’m talking about the primogeniture reform, the changing of the rules of succession for the British monarchy, that PM David Cameron and the gang are pushing through, pretending that it all has to do with equal rights for women and human rights generally.

Yes, sure, pull another one, Dave!

But the worst thing of all is that the conspirators have dragged the Queen into their hideous games, tricking Her to come out with a pathetic speech about the place of women in the modern world in Perth, in Australia, basically making her look as if She is supporting the new rules of succession. Mr Cameron, who is well versed in public relations stunts, has used the Queen’s speech to the Commonwealth Conference, which was chaired, laughably, by Australia’s loony leftie PM Julia Gillard, to convince the 16 heads of state and governments of the Commonwealth into thinking that the Queen is supposedly keen on seeing the amendments to the British constitution made, once parliament has approved them. By the time Her Majesty’s advisers had realised what Cameron’s game was, they immediately put out a formal statement, basically insisting the primogeniture reform is something that the government has come up and that it has not been initiated by the Palace. This statement, though, was too late to prevent the treachery from passing as a well-meant widely supported intention.

The deal that has been struck with the 16 heads of the Commonwealth to end 1000 years of primogeniture in Britain is actually not biding in itself, considering that the Commonwealth has no constitutional powers over Britain. Yes, it’s as simple as that. But Dave and His people are worried about anyone questioning the legality of their actions, just like it is happening now with the 1999 House of Lords Act that forced the hereditary peers of the upper chamber out under Blair.

It’s up to the British parliament to vote on the bills containing the proposed constitutional changes and then for the Queen to give them her Royal Assent. But as parliament in Britain is now inhabited by people, who have no desire to defend the interests of the nation, it’s obvious that any treachery can be approved by it, like we saw it happen with the vote on the EU referendum recently.

The nasty games that this coalition is playing around the constitutional reforms, including plans to abolish the unelected House of Lords and replace it by a rubberstamping ‘elected Senate’, betrays the true intentions of the modernists in government, whose end game is to turn the monarchy into a joke, like it happened in Spain, Belgium, Norway and Denmark. The lefties, operating as Tories, would not rest until they finish the job started by Blair and New Labour.

Treachery is in the air in the British Kingdom. But the people are more interested in who wins some silly competition on the box. Shame on them.