I Bet People In Democracy Land Wish They Could Have An ‘Arab Spring’ In Their Part Of The Woods

October 29, 2011

Ted Obvious writes from Cairo: I bet a lot of people living in Democracy Land, who are watching the upheavals in the Middle East and North Africa closely, are jealous that they can’t have an Arab Spring in their part of the woods as well.

Yes, the spoils of Western type democracy and free market are not what they used to be, are they? You can no longer bring down governments and prime ministers, who get into office and stay there, even though they are hopeless and corrupt and basically go against the interests of the majority. In fact, it has become fashionable for Western politicians to ignore the majority, very publicly siding with groups of vested interests, as if it’s a cool thing to do. And if anyone says anything against that, they are brushed aside as outdated and out of touch with the bright new world of today, with its very strange perception of what freedom, democracy and human rights stand for. Not to mention that the free market has lost a lot of its initial appeal and is now seems to benefit very limited numbers of people.

Anyway, when the uprisings erupted in the Middle East and beyond, local grievances had emerged for everyone to see and the stunned populace of Democracy Land noticed certain similarities between the two worlds. The politicians in the Arab countries turned out to be the same slimy conniving creeps, who pretended to be acting in the best interests of their people while in reality only looking after themselves and their cronies. Public money was misused or blown on vanity projects, a lot like in Democracy Land, and the spoils of economic prosperity were distributed unequally, again just like in DL. That last one was probably a really painful realisation for fans of the free market.

What has also transpired was that political rulers in the Middle East were claiming to have had some God given right to rule and make a mess of things, with their people resigned to the role of spectators. And the irony was not lost on some people in Democracy Land that their own political rulers have long ago adopted a concept of unaccountable democracy, turning into a religion and claiming it was their right to do whatever they wanted, while ignoring the will of their people.

But the biggest revelation of them all came when it transpired that governments from Democracy Land turned out to have been in cahoots with all those dictators in the Middle East and beyond, doing dodgy deals with them, selling them arms and, ironically, riot dispersing equipment. And once the wind of change started blowing, democratic politicians turned against the very people they were hugging only a few months ago. That freedom loving Hillary Clinton really made a mess of it when she came out professing her deep respect and admiration for Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak – weeks before he was thrown out by his own people. And the rest of that slimy lot is now pretending that they’ve had nothing to do with the despots, even though there is plenty of evidence to the contrary.

Yes, I guess the sad reality is dawning on the people of Democracy Land that they have been taken for a ride by their political rulers in pretty much the same way as the inhabitants of Dictatorship Land. With the sole difference though that the oppressed masses of the Middle East and North Africa finally found it possible to rebel, whereas in the world of democracy everyone is too constrained by freedom to do anything about their political rulers.

– End –