How Come Tony Blair Was Always So Politically Correct, In A Weird Sort Of Way?

October 31, 2011

Anton Goryunov writes from Moscow: Enough of this talk about the world economy going down the toilet. Who cares if a new world war breaks out, it’s the important things that people want to know. Like, does the Pope wear real Prada shoes or counterfeit ones and are French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Chancellor Angela Merkel an item? Even though Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was overheard referring to Angela recently as an ‘unfuckable fat arse’.

And then there is another burning question: how come Tony Blair has always been so obsessed with political correctness, to an extent that it often made him look really weird? Never before in the history of Britain was there a prime minister, who had turned PC into his trademark, obviously hoping that it would help to cover up his incompetence. It was quite bizarre to see him pretending to be deeply religious – which has become a very unPC things nowadays – but on the other hand going against pretty much everything that any person of mainstream faith stands for – promoting 24-hour drinking, gambling and undermining the constitutions arrangements of the nations that were based on religious principles and ideals.

Take Tony’s obsession with gay rights. No one is saying that gays should be persecuted or harassed, but when a leader of nations turns gay rights into a permanent personal crusade, it does look odd, even for a seemingly ‘straight sort of guy’. Remember how he steamrolled the lowering of the age of consent bill through the British parliament, as if there was nothing more important at the time than that? He actually used the Act of Parliament to overcome the opposition in the House Lords to push through the bill. It was a bit odd, that ferocity of his.

A year after Tony cruised into power, if you pardon the expression, the Sun newspaper came out with a front page headline that said ‘Are We Being Run By A Gay Mafia?’ (Their words not mine.) The implication was that under Blair’s rule there were very powerful gay men present in the government, first of all Peter Mandelson, who had been outed by columnist Mathew Parris. Since then Mr Mandelson had been twice sacked from the cabinet, but was back in it in the last disastrous year of Labour in power, pulling most strings behind the scenes. He probably WAS the government at the time, as Gordon Brown did everything that he told him.

But what of Blair himself? Well, there were hints made by some people, who knew him well in the past, that he had very weird nicknames in college, like Miranda and Antoinette. You might say that it meant nothing and that some very macho men have been known to have women’s names as nicknames, but it does strange if you think about it. There would be sceptics, of course, who’d point to the fact that Mr Blair was happily married to his stunning wife Cherrie, with whom he fathered 4 beautiful children. But let’s be brutally honest about it: stunning as she was, Cherrie was not exactly a pin- up dream of a hot blooded male. Not to mention that there’s never been any apparent tenderness between the spouses and, as a father, Blair never really had any visible closeness with his children as well. He even once said in a magazine interview that he would not have been at all displeased if his two sons turned out to be gay.

But why the interest in Blair’s gayness, you may ask. Well, it sort of explains the way Blair, who let’s be honest about it, got to where he was, using a lot of spin to stay in power and trying very diligently to gain gay support. There is no denying that the gay community has a strong presence in the media and the arts and, as its icon, Blair did manage to get away with some pretty abysmal performances and corrupt practices during his time at 10 Downing Street. The war in Iraq alone should have cost him his job back in 2003, and yet he stayed on and even won the 2005 general election – against all the odds.

So was Tony ever close to his feminine side? Would be fun to know. Purely out of unhealthy interest.

– End –