How Come Chicks Always Choose The Wrong Guys To Go Out With?

November 7, 2011

R.F.Wilson writes from London: It never stops to amaze me how chicks always choose the wrong guys to go out with and, you know, have sex. They would have an obvious choice between some buls..tting punk, in fake designer wear, whose mug would basically scream out: ‘I’m a prick and I’ll make you suffer’, and a less flashy but a decent sort of guy and nine times out of ten they’ get involved with the nasty one and pay the price. And if you think that the next time they’d be more sensible, then think again. Another smooth-talking lowlife would come along and outshine a proper guy again. And things would go through the same vicious cycle and the women would end up as losers.

The thing is that young women fall for the worst possible guys even though there are simple signs that should tell them to stay away. For example, if a guy they meet follows fashion religiously, it would usually mean that he’s most likely to be a vain, pompous fool, who is all about appearances and not strong on substance and decency. Good guys don’t pay much attention to fashion trends. In fact, who wants to look like a million other idiots? Good guys have other things on their mind and they can impress people without dressing up in the latest fancy stuff that looks weird most of the time these days.

And then there are the bulls..tters, the smooth-talking creeps who have learnt to lie with ease to convince chicks that they are cool and well-connected and are loaded and mix with some famous people. Most of them get all that stuff from the box and the glossy gossip mags, obviously, but chicks still fall for that s..t. Why, I have no idea. Bullsh..tters are usually so obvious to spot and yet, they still manage to score with women with remarkable ease.

And then there are the dodgy dudes with easy money to burn. That’s absolutely beyond me. How on earth do nice girls from nice families fall for these creeps? OK, so they have cash to spend and bling-bling on them, but girls, they are criminals. What the hell do you find so great about them? Don’t you understand that it would all end in tears? But I may shout as much as I want and still women go for these creeps. Weird, very weird. It must be watching too many of those thrillers that glamorise gangsters that does that to chicks.

And then there are the body building types, the huge muscly men, who build up their frames and love themselves to bits. For some strange reason chicks think that huge bulging muscles mean great abilities in the bedroom. And it’s not the case at all. Mostly these guys are quite modest in the intimate department, not to mention that they are usually seriously thick and very boring.

Which brings me to guys who are deeply in love with themselves. These would be the worst, although chicks mistake them a lot for suave and intelligent and sophisticated types. They usually look smart, glancing at their reflection at every opportunity, boasting about the great things they are up to. But with these men it’s all about them and no one else. Vain idiots, who would let you down big time at the earliest opportunities. Stay away from them, girls, they are nothing but trouble.

Yes, chicks are easily fooled by appearances and are too obsessed with sex. That’s why they get into trouble a lot these days. And considering that Mother Nature made them the receiving party in the sexual intercourse, if you know what I mean, they really need to be more careful when they select their partners. And not treat their vaginas as sewage for every passer-by to offload himself into it.