Want To Piss Off Annoying Celebs? Call Their Bluff, Respect Their Privacy

November 9, 2011

Ben Delicious writes from London: You know what you should do if you want to really piss off all those annoying celebs? You should respect their right for privacy. In fact, you should demand that people leave celebs alone, to let them get on with their miserable lives, without being pestered by their fans and the paparazzi. And in no time you’d see the creeps begging for mercy.

Celebs like to bang on about their privacy and how they cherish it. Even though they would do anything for publicity when it suits them. The proof is in all those tabloids and celebrity gossip mags that get alerted every time some brain dead models or actors or pop stars or any other ‘famous people’ leave their homes, to get snappers catching them ‘off guard’, in tonnes of makes up and in the latest designer wear, if they are chicks, or with some bimbo in their arms, if they are guys. Or, if they feel they don’t get the same attention as they used to do, they tend to attack snappers who wait patiently for them, getting into the news on the notoriety ticket. Yes, celebs parade themselves to keep their public profiles alive, because that’s what makes them attractive for advertisers. And celebs, so that you know, exist for the sole purpose of plugging stuff. There’s nothing else to them, nothing at all.

But these very same people, who would gladly sell their parents into slavery, if it gets them publicity, get all secretive and emotional when caught stoned or loaded, or shagging out of wedlock, or doing other stuff that’s not supposed to be in the public domain. And then they start screaming about their precious privacy and even call in the lawyers and threaten everyone with law suits.

How about that phone hacking scandal, for example. One by one all sorts of celebs were jumping on the bandwagon, telling everyone how shocked they were at the thought that their voice mail messages could have been tapped in and listened to by hacks. A lot of these creeps actually knew very well that they were not targeted, simply because they’re just not famous enough for that, but they still complained a lot, hoping to get some publicity. And as for the ones, who were actually targeted by hacks, well, they didn’t really mind very much to have their names mentioned in the print, but still made a big song and dance about it, to get the maximum coverage from all the controversy.

So here’s the deal: let’s all respect celebrities’ right for privacy. Let’s stop reading all that endless trash about them and let them carry on with their lives. No more buying of celebrity gossip mags, no more showing any interest in what they’re up to. If you bump into any of them on the street, look the other way. Hear a rumour about one of them, refuse to pass it on.

It’s privacy, it has to be respected. Celebs deserve to have more times to themselves.

Let’s see how these parasites like it.