More Pearls Of Wisdom. From The Boys At Stirring Trouble

November 21, 2011

Today we present more humorous pearls of wisdom and witty observations from the boys at Stirring Trouble. On all sorts of subjects, mostly politics and sex.

The Arab League that includes some of the most vicious dictatorships is demanding that Syria conducts democratic reforms. Hypocrites!

How would Britain that is openly supporting Syrian rebels feel if some government met dissident IRA groups to offer them support?

Technically speaking the press in the West is busy performing one long fellatio on politicians and bankers. Not a pretty sight.

One of the most overrated books in literature has to be the Great Gatsby. Endless pages of meaningless dialogues.

The George Osborne appreciation society that boasts having George Osborne as its member says it has full confidence in Chancellor George Osborne.

The sick and twisted world of PC: some footballer calls another a c..t and an uproar erupts. Kids are bombarded with filth and not a squeak from anyone.

You know those shitty small cars that they advertise on the box as if they’re a great drive – are they taking us all for idiots?

The retail trade is going to take a mega hit this festive season. Serves it right though for selling overpriced Chinese made junk.

The X Factor is basically promoting bad taste disguised as a bit of fun. This is the worst possible kind of television. It’s as if it’s made in China.

The Left has been demonising the Right for years, covering up the fact that left-wing regimes murdered hundreds of millions in the name of its ideology.

For all you people who are confused about the difference between the right and the left: the right is always religious, the left is atheist. Another difference between the right and the left is that you don’t really need to know much to be a leftie. It’s all meaningless slogans.

In Britain where 70 per cent of people have conservative views there’s not a single proper right-wing newspaper or right-wing TV news channel. Bizarre!

If you want to have something resembling a life, you would need to quit watching the box.

All those charity gigs by pop acts are just promos really. If they wanted to help they could have donated money, the creeps.

They’ve picked Meryl Streep, an actress who’s exactly the same in every bloody role, to play Margaret Thatcher. Talk about miscasting.

Don’t you just love the way retail trade becomes religious at Christmas. Suddenly Christianity is all important. To plug stuff.

People, who are pushing for decriminalisation of drugs, are evil. There’s nothing else to them. Pure evil. Just like the one who support assisted suicide.

Persistent obsessive advertising on the box is a form of harassment. It has to be stopped before millions of people turn into zombies.

The rubbish the free press is reporting about the Middle East is becoming really embarrassing. It’s pure communist style propaganda.

In no time Adam Crozier has turned ITV into a national embarrassment with dumbed down shows, constant repeats and sex phone chat lines advertised in the evening.

So, all you people who work in banking: how does it feel to be despised by everyone?

Pussyfooting is fun. When you know how to do it.

So how come when you shoplift you get a conviction but when you’re a banker and you steal from your customers you get a bonus?

If you think about it, that great classic, Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay, is about a total wanker who’s got nothing to do.

Want to make WW3 happen? Invest in China, the country behind the next world war.

From NATO’s perspective the war in Afghanistan has been technically won. It’s just that the Taliban aren’t aware of it yet.

The problem with Lady Gaga is that overdosing is the last thing on her mind. And that’s a shame.