Why Do Women Get It All Wrong When They Try To Catch Men’s Attention?

November 21, 2011

Adam Lovejoy writes from Paris: Chicks are a strange lot. The get it all wrong when they try to catch men’s attention.

They actually believe that if they dress and behave like sluts men would notice them and get seriously interested and, who knows, might be even tempted to get into bed with them. Well certain types of men like chicks who are easy, that is correct, but these are not exactly pleasant people, who are great to be with. These are mostly inarticulate boring lowlifes who are out in search for a quick shag that they usually perform very badly. Not to mention the possibility of catching a sexually transmitted disease, or even a whole bouquet of them.

But there’s another strange thing that chicks do. Say they have good legs but otherwise are very ordinate looking, so they would wear embarrassingly short skirts that would reveal most of their thighs or, if they are blessed by ample breasts, they’d make them as visible as possible, which is called nipple flashing. What do they think men take them for? Exactly, easily available broads, that’s what they take them for. Not to mention that when a woman bares her best parts for public consumption, so to speak, her less impressive assets become even more obvious. It just doesn’t work, girls, this best asset flashing, and it doesn’t make you look appealing or sexy. Sexy actually is about staying covered and radiating a bit of mystery and not showing off your flesh for all sorts of punks to oggle.

And then there’s the loud unprovoked laughter that so many women think makes them look appealing to men. It’s a serious problem, by the way, with more and more chicks laughing like hyenas for no reason, obviously in the mistaken belief that it makes them look exciting and good company to be with. It’s actually very annoying and on the scale of things that turn men off in women probably competes with chipped nails and bad odours.

And then there’s this obsession with the latest fashion trends, even the most stupidest ones, that so many hicks have. They seem to think that looking like ten million other women makes them stand out in the crowd. It doesn’t. It makes them look stupid and, what is even worse, it tells men that they have no other way of making themselves interesting or desirable apart from wearing some idiotic outfit designed by some sick and twisted bastard who calls himself a ‘designer’.

Which brings me, quite unexpectedly for some, I suppose, to my main point: men like women who are glamorous, in a proper way that is, who are not showing off their flesh in abundance in the hope that it makes them look remarkable or eccentric. Sluttiness has had its day, girls. It’s for truck drivers, builders, footballers and actors or other men with low expectations when it comes to women. Proper guys are fed up with chicks who look like hookers. They want to go out with women who can actually string a sentence together and maybe go beyond talking about shows or soaps on the box. Intelligence is what holds relationships together. If two people don’t know what to say to each other, like it happens with so many celebrity couples, they get bored and walk away.

So what I’m saying here, girls, is that reading a good book or even a couple and not staying glued to the box for days might raise your chances of meeting good men. Despite what feminists tell you, who want you to go about looking like cheap hookers and feeling liberated.