You Know What? F..k Sport And All That Comes With It!

December 4, 2011

R.F.Wilson writes from London: You know what? F..k sport and all that comes with it, like meaningless sports news, endless sports coverage on the box, football and more bloody football and all those stupid interviews that sportsmen give that contain nothing of any relevance. And to hell with the hurt feelings of fans who are too thick to be interested in something worthwhile, getting all aggressive if you say a critical word about their favourite teams or players. It’s like some bloody mafia that is intimidating everyone who has no interest in sports.

Look at what these football fans have done to Britain: Welsh national football team manager Gary Speed hangs himself and they turn their mourning into some sort of never ending ritual, as if he was a saint or something. No one is saying that it was not a tragedy for Speed’s family and close friends, but to turn it into an endless grieving exercise, with every TV news channel duly reporting about a minutes silence or some gathering of fans outside stadiums or a minute’s clapping ritual before the start of a match – that is taking it too far. It’s actually embarrassing for a supposedly civilised nation living in the 21st century to turn the death of a footballer into some national tragedy. Just like it’s embarrassing when sport events are held in concert halls famous for hosting outstanding classical performances, like it happens in Albert Hall. How dare these savages promoters stage tennis matches there? There are other places for tennis. It’s not art, you know, hitting the ball with a racket and sending it over the net. Especially as many of these morons so often hit the net or miss the court.

Just like it so often happens that footballers can’t get the ball into the net even from a distance of twenty yards or less. For the salaries top football players are paid the scores in matches should be in double digits. But no, these overpaid and overrated ‘stars’ often fail to score at all, or send the ball flying into the sky because they’re just not very good at what they do. Not to mention missing penalties which is a bit like a prostitute not being able to perform a blow job properly, even though it is the basis of her income.

Anyway, sport has become overrated and overwhelming. Try saying anything against it and army of deranged idiots would submit you to foulmouthed abuse and threaten to beat the crap out of you. And if you question the value or usefulness of the Olympic Games, then expect to be accused of pretty much everything, including racism and vandalism and hate of mankind generally. Even though the Olympics were not held for 1500 years, because they were considered too pagan a ritual for a civilised society and open to corruption. Not anymore. In our civilised times the Olympics are back in fashion, with obscure sports added every year to the list of events and corporate sponsors using it to plug their brands, while athletes compete with each other who will get away with using performance enhancing drugs.

It has come to a point when some people are forced to pretend to ‘love’ football or rugby or cricket, to avoid being viewed as freaks by the arrogant sport loving fraternity. Poor women are now telling everyone how they love going to a football match or spending two hours in front of the box, watching a game and soaking in the stupid analysis of it afterwards. And it’s not as if they really like it. It’s just that their brain dead hubbies or partners would simply not understand how is it that their better halves are not into footie.

What I’m saying here is that sport is all fine, when it’s not used to terrorise and patronise everyone. If some people are prepared to devote their lives to watching people kick a ball or run with it across the pitch, then it’s their right. But they should not impose their obsession on others. Enough is enough, even if some people make a lot of money out of it.