How Come Comedians Don’t Have A Go At Political Correctness?

December 20, 2011

R.F.Wilson writes from London: How come comedians don’t ridicule political correctness? If there’s something that needs to be mocked and laughed at it’s political correctness, with its fascist ideology of suppressing anything that looks even remotely controversial or genuinely funny.

Revolting looking comedians – I dare you to show me a single comedian who isn’t revolting looking, especially the broads – are having a go at all things decent, banging on about toilet and farting and intercourse, peppering their acts with swear words that don’t even fit into the context of what they’re saying. F..k this and f..k that. And the brain dead audiences roar with laughter, thinking that it’s very unPC to say the F-word or the C-word, or both of them most of the bloody time.

Swearing in comedy routines, so that you know, is very politically correct. Why? Because it doesn’t upset any of the lowlifes that humour and satire should be upsetting. Just like toilet jokes or jokes about shagging in all its glorious detail are the epitome of political correctness. They are meaningless and offend no one. So they are considered safe by the stand-up circuit crowd most of whom are hoping that some big bank or insurance company notice them and uses them in their adverts.

Have you ever heard comedians have a serious go at bankers and big business? I bet you haven’t, because that would be really politically incorrect and that’s why they would never dare to do it. But I bet you’ve noticed a lot of these lowlifes advertising banks and insurance companies, seeing nothing wrong with the obvious conflict of interest, the unprincipled lowlifes.

Classical art and music and literature are all targets of the PC comedy brigade, just as religion is, apart from Islam. Comedians know perfectly well that they stand nothing to lose by mocking the classics and faith, with the entertainment world run by lefties who only promote their own brand of sick and twisted humour. Comedy in Britain is especially vile in this respect, having been overtaken by talentless liberal trash, who rush to each other’s rescue at teh first sign of trouble.

And there are more politically correct subjects that the comedy world is peddling, pretending that they are controversial and politically incorrect. Having a go at family and marriage is considered a must for any punk on the comedy scene. And talking about booze and drugs in a way that makes them look funny and harmlkess is top of the list as well. In fact, some of the comedy acts have done so much to promote dope that you could be forgiven for thinking that they are sponsored by the drug cartels. Mind you, some of them must be into drugs as well, as what they say most of the time doesn’t make any sense at all.

But you know what happens when political correctness takes over comedy? Comedy becomes so unfunny that you wouldn’t even know whether it’s comedy or not. Yes, people, political correctness is a vicious form of censorship that has been turning humour and satire into pathetic exercises of avoiding saying anything even slightly offensive to the liberal mafia that is running the world at the moment. And that is why there are no funny comedies around anymore and no funny books to buy and no good comedy films or shows to watch.

And when humour and satire die, everything else starts to go wrong, because mankind loses its ability to laugh at itself. And that in turn means that it finds itself in a giant mess. Like it’s happening now.

– End –