There’s Just Too Many People Going Places These Days. Way, Way Too Many

January 19, 2012

Ted Obvious writes from Rome: You know what? There are just too many people going places these days for no apparent reason, making a nuisance of themselves, causing pollution and creating overcrowding. It’s all about travelling for the sake of travelling – nothing else. Well, apart from making stupid holiday snaps while standing in front of buildings and monuments – to bore friends and neighbours afterwards with stories of supposedly ‘exciting days’ spent sightseeing.

The sight of people dragging their suitcases on wheels behind them has become so common that you might be forgiven for thinking that half of the world is on the move. Public transport in all major capitals is now overwhelmed by people with suitcases and huge backpacks – on their way to or from the airport.

Why do so many people have to jet across the world so often? It’s got nothing to do with their desire to enlighten themselves or find out how things work in other countries. Have you seen those crowds of bored looking tourists, making life hell for the locals, flocking to famous locations or beauty spots to register their presence there – as in: ‘Rome? Yes, I’ve been there. Ancient place, everything’s ancient there.’ – but lacking any real impressions of the location. Hordes of visitors besiege the great museums of the world, only to grab a free brochure as proof that they’ve been there, and then running off to have ‘a bite to eat’ – for the tenth time that day.

A good half of the people go abroad to do what they do best at home: overeat, get pissed and stay pissed for most of the duration of their trip. It’s all about drinking in new ‘exotic’ surroundings, you see. The rest is not really important.

I blame budget airlines for the spread of accidental tourism, as I call it. Nowadays anyone can afford to jump on a plane and fly out into the unknown. I say, f..k Easyjet and others that have contributed to spoiling some of the best holiday locations in the world and making life hell for others. Italy, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Egypt before the revolution and many other countries are now overrun by drunks and slobs, who go there to party round the clock, get laid if they are lucky and sleep it out for several a day. These are the sort of people who should stay in their respective natural environments, drinking anything that flows and shagging anything that moves. They should be prevented from harassing other people and spoiling the scenery.

There is now a huge industry within the travel industry that is flogging cheap package holidays for people, who shouldn’t be really going anywhere, apart from their local boozer. Slimy looking travel agents encourage millions of undesirables ‘to go see the world’ and get drunk at places of ‘astounding beauty’. As a result, most holiday spots are now overrun by crowds of people who are nurturing hangovers and longing for a drink at breakfast time. Beaches now resemble scenes of devastation during a nuclear conflict, with bodies lying side by side, with not a single inch of sand or pebble showing through.

Mass travel is a menace, pure and simple. Time to get the price of travel back to normality and keep the undesirables at home.

– End –

  • Verse Cannon

    Aside from being trampled underfoot by smelly, obese and weird looking tourists, I loathe the packing and unpacking that travel entails.

    The thought of dumping and extricating clothes in a suitcase for 10 consecutive days in strange hotels is enough to start a fainting fit.

    And to top it all, you have to return home to traffic jams, maddening politicians, and the work treadmill.

    Why anyone bothers to travel, boggles the mind.