Why Is It That So Many Good Causes Get Hijacked By Bad People?

January 22, 2012

R.F.Wilson writes from London: How come so many good causes get hijacked by bad people? We’ve seen it happen with frightening regularity in the past and it continues to happen now.

Take human rights. I’ve got nothing against human rights. In fact, I’m all for them. But why is it that so many disgusting people hijack the good cause of promoting and safeguarding human rights and start milking it for all it’s worth? And eventually it results in lowlifes and scumbags jumping on the human rights bandwagon and pushing out decent people whose liberties and freedoms are trampled and abused. It’s just ain’t right.

And how about anti-capitalist, or anti-globalists, as they like to call themselves? Sure, capitalism sucks and globalism sucks as well. But people, you can’t go on rampages and behave like savages, smashing up whole city centres and looting shops just because you feel strongly about the world economy not living up to your expectations. You’re behaving like thugs, plain and simple. Loud mouthed, violent thugs, who have hijacked a good cause and make a bad name for it.

Which brings us next in no particular order to anti-war protesters: what is it about anti-war protesters that makes them violent when they are supposedly pitching for peace in a big way? I’ve seen some war protests get so out of hand that riot police had to step in and water cannons were used. Now you’d expect people, who don’t like wars and violence, to be peaceful and good-natured, don’t you? And yet, so many of these peace marches turn violent at a drop of a hat. Are they just pretending to be anti-war while they are actually just waiting for a chance to stir up trouble?

And I suppose I don’t need to tell you about environmentalists getting all aggressive when they hear others contradict their ‘sacred’ views. Why is it that climate change enthusiast get so angry and offensive when they are confronted by people who don’t share their dogma? The global warming crowd has turned into a mafia that fiddles statistics and launches hate campaigns against its opponents. The ‘warmists’, as I call them, resemble a mob of lunatics, prepared to terrorise everyone around them to get their message across.

And what about animal rights activists: how come so many of them turn to violence and use terrorist tactics against others? They seem to be prepared to bomb and maim people to make their point? The whole bloody concept of animal rights collapses, once you realise that these activists are nutters who have hijacked a good cause and turned it into a violent ideology. Like communism with its sick and twisted attitude: if you’re not with us, you’re against us and you should pay the price for that.

And there’s more to this hijacking of good cause, oh yes. How about anti-racists behaving no better than racists? This is something I could never understand. The whole point of anti-racism is to be exactly opposite to racism. And yet how many times have anti-racists turned violent and smashed up everything in sight. Bizarre, this excessive anti-racism.

Feminism also features in this list of hijacked good cause. These women and, remarkably, men get really mad if you say something against them. The idea itself is not bad: all people should be equal. But boy do feminists twist the whole argument inside out and turn it into hate filled lunacy. Nasty little c..nts, these feminists, including the blokes.

Mark my word, the backlash will come. We’ll soon see movements against anti-globalism and feminism and anti-racism and the other lot. It’s just bound to happen, I’m telling you.

– End –