Newt Gingrich Has Crazy Ideas. But They Might Take Him To The White House

January 26, 2012

Martin McCauley writes from Washington: There are two things US voters can’t stand: a clever politician and one whose ideas and convictions are immovable.

It doesn’t play very well to quote de Tocqueville, Josephus or Confucius. It gives the audience an inferiority complex and that’s bad for ratings. So how does one win over the voters? Well, that genius Barack Obama has demonstrated that you can sweet talk some of the people most of the time. He just has to be sure that he can continue to con 51 per cent of the voters to win re-election in November 2012. How does he do that? Simply by promising them jam tomorrow. ‘Folks, just stay with me. Everything will turn out right eventually.’ The idea is not to put a date on when the promises will become reality. Hope springs eternal is his motto.

So what does a Republican presidential hopeful do to upset Obama’s applecart? Newt Gingrich is the new frontrunner. He smashed Mitt Romney in South Carolina and is now heading for Florida. So what did he say in his victory speech that sent his supporters into seventh heaven? He lambasted the liberal press for lying through its teeth in its reporting of American politics. It has turned into a nature reserve for the Obama Administration. Nothing in that park can be attacked. Now media bashing as a sport is as old as Methuselah. Gingrich is now on to a winner. The people love to hear that the high and mighty on TV and in the newspapers are no better than snake oil salesmen.

But, you say, it is not enough to be negative. Positives win elections. Social justice and fairness are now high on the list of desirables for the US people. President Obama, that sly old fox, has cottoned on to the fact that voters want a fairer distribution of wealth. In other words, everyone wants more dosh. The rich should pay more tax and the poor should receive more welfare handouts. That is the message which will scupper Romney’s presidential ambitions. He pulled down over $21 million last year and only paid just over $3million in tax. Just imagine what Obama will do to him if he gains the Republican nomination. Gone are the days when the rich were admired for making lots of money.

So what can Newt Gingrich offer? Is the solution to America’s ills small or even disappearing government? Has he been socialising with the Tea Party? Not a bit of it. Newt believes in robust government. This means the men in Washington should set out to change America for the better not merely plug the holes which have appeared in the sinking ship. He knows that Obama is great at the vision thing so he has his own vision. Look forward 50 or 100 years is the message. He talks about lunar colonies (no, that means people living on the moon) and mirrors in space to reflect the sun so that highways do not need to be lit at night. Well, you cannot accuse him of not having big ideas even if they do sound dotty. But then they told Einstein that he was dotty. Ideas pour out of Newt as if he were a teapot. If he can get America excited about the future, he might even beat Obama at his own game.