Asking: How Come Some People Dislike The McCanns So Much?

February 11, 2012

Ted Obvious writes from Praia da Luz: Why is it that some people seem to dislike Kate and Gerry McCann so much?

I mean, they’ve lost their daughter Madeleine, who’d vanished from their holiday apartment in May 2007, and have been looking for her since then. And though on that fateful night they left their three small kids, including Maddy, all alone while they were having dinner with their friends, it’s not like they flew to another town and were having fun without a care in the world. In fact, according to Kate, she and her husband checked on the children every 15 minutes or so. So you can’t really accuse the McCanns of child neglect in a classical sense, as in: ma and pa tell their kids to piss off to bed, go out, get plastered and dance the night away in a club.

So what we have here is a devastated couple who insist they have absolutely no idea how their daughter had disappeared refusing to believe that she’s dead. They don’t really come across as people who’d harm their children or sell them to traffickers, to pay off their mortgage or something. They’re not revolting looking as well and even their habit of holding hands every time they appeared in public after Madeleine’s disappearance couldn’t really be used against them to prove that they were a couple of nutters who were up to no good. OK, holding hands at every opportunity might seem a bit excessive, but it’s not a criminal offence and it’s most definitely not a reason to despise anyone for doing it.

So what would be the reason then for the McCanns to have become hate figures in the eyes of many? I suppose it’s probably the fact that they have left their kids alone that evening, even though they could have hired a nanny to look after them. But is it really enough to suspect them of foul play? No, it’s not.

Or could it be that some people are seriously angered by the fact that the McCanns have never actually acknowledged that they carried most of the blame for the disappearance of their daughter, having left her alone? But let me ask you this: are you actually going to tell me that couples with children going on holidays never leave their kids alone to have a bit of fun? I’d never believe that. I even suspect that some of the most vocal critics of the McCanns are probably guilty of committing the same sin.

And even the fact that the couple were at one point considered by the Portuguese police to be the prime suspects in the case doesn’t really make the McCanns guilty of anything, does it? Especially as the case was shelved in 2008 as ‘cold’, meaning that cops couldn’t find any evidence to pin the blame on anyone.

Some people are apparently annoyed by the McCanns raising large amounts of money to fund the search for their missing daughter. But is it really a proper reason to dislike them. They are not that wealthy to pay private investigators to look for evidence, so we might presume that it was their determination to get to the bottom of things that drove them to run charity appeals, one after another, and get their own spokesman.

I would even go as far as saying that the diary that Kate started the next day after her daughter had disappeared would not qualify for a reason to dislike her, even though it is a bit weird, especially her mentioning in it that her sex life suffered as a result of what happened to Madeleine. Not a point a grieved mother should be making. Still, all people have their strange ways of coping with grief so why should we judge them too harshly.

So what is it then that makes some folks dislike the McCanns? I guess it’s the way they come across as people who are actually convinced that the whole world owes them something for their loss. That must be the thing that really annoys people who say to themselves: look, you’re not the only parents who have lost a child. OK? So why this strange notion that somehow you two are special? Especially as you’ve asked for it yourselves.

Yep, that is what it’s probably all about. Case cracked.