More Pearls Of Wisdom. From The Boys At Stirring Trouble

February 12, 2012

Today we present more humorous pearls of wisdom and witty observations from the boys at Stirring Trouble. With an eye for the latest goings on in the world. Plus eternal subjects as well.

The thing about Syria that is difficult to grasp is how come the regular Syrian army is unable to defeat a ‘badly armed’ opposition. How badly armed is it exactly?

There is now way the debt crisis in Europe can be fixed without the banks force to take a huge hit. But that won’t happen.

All eyes on Prince Harry’s sperm count as he’d probably have to produce the heir to the throne with Katie refusing to get pregnant.

Remember, people who have no sense of humour are easily controllable. All dictators used that to their advantage.

If you’re over 40 and still a leftie don’t despair: it might be a result of a genetic disorder and not stupidity.

Chicks who fantasise about sex with movie stars should know that most of them are either impotent from all that dope or carry chronic STDs.

If Rupert Murdoch is saying that he’ll stick with the Sun it means the paper is finished.

The liberal trash who plug promiscuity as if it’s some basic human right, the disgusting lowlifes.

Once the Anglican Church ordains women bishops it will become a sect. Simple as that.

The Western media coverage of Syria is a mirror image of its coverage of Libya. And look where Libya is now.

BBC top directors who pay themselves huge undeserved salaries give instructions to avoid paying contributing freelance journalists.

The luxury car industry totally depends on the number of men with small penises born across the world. Up to now their numbers were high. Sold luxury cars that is.

David Beckham, it turns out, hangs out with Tom Cruise. I can just imagine the furious conversation flow.

So how much of the Iranian money did Western banks gamble away? If it’s more than 100 billion then Iran is f..ked.

All politicians go to hell, every single one. Remember that if you’re planning to go into politics.

Black culture seems to be dragging lots of young blacks into crime with its rap music and films glamourising gang life and dope and bling.

Rupert Murdoch’s publishing empire will crumble not because he’s the victim of the left but because he used methods that undermined his media interests.

If you think about it TV advertising is a form of aggressive brainwashing.

Judging by the sex symbols that women drool over these days they like inarticulate simple guys with tattoos to prove their toughness and small manhood.

The disadvantage of following people on #twitter is that many of them retweet such outrageously stupid tweets that it’s embarrassing.

Imagine, chicks who pretend to like football, to pull blokes or keep them hitched, are hotly debating who’ll be the next England’s manager.

Imagine, Harry Redknapp will soon be the face of English football on the world stage. With Rooney in tow that would be some manly beauty.

The funniest thing about Fabio Cappello getting the sack is that now they’re accepting that he didn’t really speak any English. Love it!

So who’s driving William Hague around these days?

And in case you’re wondering, yes, comedy on the box was always s..t. And it only gets worse.

Embarrassing to watch overpaid black players in the English Premiership playing victims of racism. They’re a disgrace to the game!

One of the most politically correct film directors in Hollywood is Mel Brooks who has been inciting racial prejudices all his life, the PC freak.

Yes, Peter Sellers, he was not funny, was he?

There are films for which people who made them should be shot. The whole Harry Potter pathetic saga is a case in point.

The reason why most of not all Hollywood comedies suck is because political correctness can never be funny.

How come Social Media networks are allowed to sell private information about their subscribers to advertisers? That’s against the law.

Sanctions should be introduced against Canada for unleashing that creepy Justin Beiber kid on the world. Not one decent song, not one.